Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements

What You Can Do

Jesus King of All Nations wants to reign in all hearts and wants His reign to be recognized on Earth.

Have you done your best to bring this about? Have you made the Consecration to Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace? Do you pray the Chaplet of Unity and The Novena in Honor of Jesus as True King? Have you made a Novena of Holy Communions? Do you venerate His image? Do you wear His medal?

These are the only ways that you will realize His promise: “Tremendous will be the miracles of grace that I will work through this image and devotion of mine.”

Do you still think that you are doing your best? Every one of us can do better. Let us try.

Jesus wants the bishops and the faithful to do all that they can for public approval of his devotion. Here is what you can do to help Him.

  1. Learn how to practice the complete Devotion.
  2. Read The Journal of the Secretary.
  3. Obtain your medal for protection.
  4. Enthrone His image in your home for the safeguard of your family.
  5. Host a Visitation with His image.
  6. Pray An Hour of Prayer for Life, Peace And Protection.
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