Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2023

January 18 – 25, 2023

  “Commitment to the unity of Christians is not just a task for the few, or an appendage to the life of the Church. Each is called to offer his or her contribution to help take those steps towards the full communion of all Christ’s disciples, never forgetting that it is, above all, a gift constantly to be implored from God.” Pope Benedict XVI

Dear Friend of Jesus King of All Nations,

May the peace and love of Jesus be yours and may you have a happy and holy New Year!

On the day after his election as pope, Pope Benedict XVI said that his “primary commitment would be working tirelessly toward the full and visible unity of all Christ’s followers.” He appealed for prayer “so as to be aware that the holy cause of the re-establishment of Christian unity exceeds our poor human efforts and that unity, finally, is a gift of God. God and our love are the condition for the unity of Christians.” He concluded, “They are the condition for peace in the world.”

Later, Pope Francis said, “I am one of many who called Benedict XVI the Pope of Christian Unity. He placed the full communion of the Church at the forefront of his Papacy. This was clear in his overtures toward our Orthodox brethren, whom we recognize as a Church and whose priesthood and Sacraments we recognize. It was evident in his outreach to the separated Christians of the Reformation communities of the West.”

He continued, “The Gospel proclaims that in and through Jesus Christ, authentic unity with God – and through Him, in the Spirit, with one another – is the plan of God for the entire human race. The Church is the way to that unity. For the Church to continue the redemptive mission of Jesus effectively, she must be one. It was not the Lord’s plan that she be divided. It is His plan that she be restored to full communion.”

Theme for the 2023 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

The theme for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in 2023 was selected by the Minnesota Council of Churches, USA in the aftermath of the extrajudicial killing of George Floyd and the trial of the police officer responsible for his death. These events brought anguish, but also time for the Christian communities to contemplate ways in which they may be complicit in racial injustice. Christian unity is needed as a source of reconciliation and unity.

The theme, taken from the first chapter of the Book of Isaiah, reflects his concern for the oppressed who suffer from injustice and inequality fed by hypocrisy that leads to disunity. He teaches that God requires righteousness and justice from all of us, to create the peace and unity that God desires. These virtues originate in God’s love for all, and racism runs counter to this vision. Isaiah’s challenge to do good and seek justice together applies equally to us today.

Pray the Chaplet of Unity

Jesus King of All Nations requested us, “In this devotion to Me as ‘Jesus, King of All Nations’, entreat My Kingly Heart with the prayer of this Chaplet of Unity that I, Myself, your Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ have given you! Pray and ask for the spiritual wholeness and healing of your own souls, for the union of your own will with God’s Will, for the healing of your families, friends, enemies, relationships, Religious Orders, communities (of all kinds), countries, nations, the world, and unity within My Church under the Holy Father!

St. John Paul II asked us to become “ever more profound instruments and ministers of unity and sanctification,” in the first place, through prayer, and in the second place, through daily and constant conversion of heart. In this way, we lead and teach others how to live in union with Jesus Christ. The most important step toward unity is prayer!

We should follow Pope Francis’ example of prayer. He told us about his praying with an evangelical pastor. He said, “Let me tell you something. I spent 40 minutes more or less, with an evangelical pastor. And we prayed together, seeking unity. But we Catholics must pray with each other and other Christians. Pray that the Lord gift us (with) unity! Unity among ourselves! How will we ever have unity among Christians if we are not capable of having it among us Catholics, in the family, how many families fight and split up? Seek unity, unity builds the Church and comes from Jesus Christ. He sends us the Holy Spirit to build unity!”

I implore you to pray and spread the Chaplet of Unity that can be found HERE. Pray that there will soon be realized full unity within the Catholic Church under the Holy Father.

May Jesus Christ, King of All Nations, reign in your heart now and forever!

Sincerely in Christ,

P. S.   Please respond to Jesus’ plea, “Embrace My devotion of Jesus, King of All Nations for it is a great Mercy given by your God for these most perilous times.” You can do this by hosting a Visitation of His image, enthroning His image in your home and by reading and acting upon His messages contained in my book The Coming Great Chastisements and The Great Renewal.