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Visiting Mary’s House

Here I Am At Mary’s House in Ephesus, Turkey

I am on a Holy Week pilgrimage to Mary’s House. This is the house where she lived during her last years, where she died and from where she was assumed body and soul into heaven. The Apostle John took her here when they fled Jerusalem because of a persecution by King Herod Agrippa I in 42 A.D.

The House was discovered in 1891 as a result of a mystical vision of Blessed Sister Catherine Emmerich. She described its location which was found by two priests, exactly as she described it in her vision. The local Church ruled, “The ruins are truly the remains of the House inhabited by the Virgin Mary.

The House is located in a predominantly Moslem country where many Moslems come to venerate Mary. The House is a sign of hope for reconciliation between Moslems and Christians. Please pray for this reconciliation!

Pope Pius XII said, “The holy House should be a Marian center which is unique throughout the world, a place where Christians and Moslems of all rites and denominations and of all nationalities can meet each other to venerate the mother of Jesus, and make true the prophecy, ‘All Generations will call me blessed.’

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