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Visitation Brings Wonders and Signs of Hope

Dear Friend of Our Lady of Guadalupe,

The story you are about to read is just one of a countless number of miraculous and grace filled moments that have occurred in the presence of the Missionary Image of Our Lady Guadalupe.

With your support, we will have many more such stories to tell.

Our Lady of Guadalupe asked St. Juan
Diego, “Am I not here who am your mother?” and she left him the sign of
her Image on his cloak to prove it. She is still with us in her
Missionary Image and she still leaves us signs that she is our mother.

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 Visitation Signs and Wonders Bring Hope

Missionary Image Guardian Mary Claire Hess reported to me on the Visitation of the Missionary Image to Virginia:

 Many beautiful Catholic middle school classes came in to visit the Image with their teachers when we were at the Church. It was so special to see the children’s faces, full of excitement and energy when they came in and sat in rows to hear of the history of Our Lady’s apparition to St. Juan Diego in 1531.  


They were so eager to raise their hands and share what they knew when we told the story. My heart was moved to see children getting to know how wonderful Jesus’ Mother is. If only we could bring the entire world to Our Blessed Mother who patiently waits for her children to come to her beautiful Son, Jesus.


During the Mass of Our Lady of Guadalupe that evening, with the Mariachis playing their festive music, the priests wearing their beautifully adorned robes, and the entire church showing great respect for the Lord and His precious Mother, I felt as if I had entered heaven, if just for an hour.


The high point for me, was after receiving Our Lord at Holy Communion, I felt compelled to look up at the beautiful image of Our Lady on the altar. There, I saw on her dress, for the first time, a little child who was kneeling, bowed in prayer. I remembered how St. Theresa, the Little Flower, had said that we are to be like little children as we come before the Lord.

Ever since that
time, I have seen this little child on the Image of Our Lady. How humbling and yet thankful I feel to know Our Blessed Mother wants to help us always know how to grow towards her precious Son.


I noticed an elderly gentleman shyly make his way up to venerate the Missionary Image. He was physically shaking and was afraid to come up close to us. He said that he was a fallen away Christian, not Catholic. He felt that he was called to come to visit the Image but didn’t know anything about Our Blessed Mother or the story of her appearance to St. Juan Diego. I shared what I had learned and then encouraged the dear man to approach the Image.  


He was prayerful and I noticed that he calmed down once he became engaged in prayer. What a joy to see his leap of faith. I found out later that he was not a Catholic, had not been to any churches in years, and didn’t know a thing about our Blessed Mother’s Image. He told me that he was interested in finding out about the Catholic Church, so I suggested he consider attending the RCIA meetings. It was a real privilege to see how Our Blessed Mother tenderly invited this gentleman into her presence


I thank God for the wonderful blessings that I received as a result of this Visitation.

These Visitations, signs, wonders and conversions bring us hope! It is alive in those who venerate Our Lady of Guadalupe in her Missionary Image on her Visitations throughout our country. Your donations help us to continue these Visitations.

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When St. Juan Diego told the Indians that Our Lady had come to Tepeyac as their “mother,” the news of her apparitions spread.

The Indians’ hearts were melted by the tender and consoling story

Their Culture of Death ended.

In our day, our nation suffers from a modern Culture of Death and Secularization.

The power of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe must be made known and seen by the people so that their hearts may also be pierced and penetrated to bring a Culture of Life and a Civilization of Love, for which Blessed John Paul II prayed.

This can only occur with a change of heart, much like the story above told of the man who felt called to the Image, though he was not even Catholic.

In his Apostolic Exhortation, The Church in America, Blessed John Paul II said these prophetic words,  Through Our Lady of Guadalupe’s powerful intercession, the Gospel will penetrate the hearts of the men and women of America and permeate their cultures, transforming them from within.”

Through our hard-working staff, our Guardian Teams and the Missionary Image, Our Lady of Guadalupe stops abortions, melts and heals hearts, changes lives, and leads us to a sacramental life.  Please help us . . .

This is why we must continue sending the Missionary Image out on Visitations to all the dioceses and parishes of our country, as Blessed John Paul II requested.

As always, we remember you in our daily rosaries, chaplets and novenas, in our weekly Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament and in our special monthly Masses celebrated for your intentions. Thank you for remembering us.

In Our Lady’s Heart,


Dan Lynch