Be Delivered From Evil

Virgin Mary Appears in Vermont, Chastisements Coming to Our Country

The short, stocky man in his early 40s stood next to me. He lifted his eyes up towards the wall of the house and began praying the Hail Holy Queen prayer five times. I was at a prayer meeting in the home of some friends in southern Vermont with about 60 other people who sat behind us.

The young man was a visionary named Edson Glauber from Brazil. He has been receiving daily apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary since 1998. The apparitions began in the city of Manaus, but eventually Our Lady asked Edson and his mother to pray for the city of Itapiranga, (pronounced EE tap ee rang ah), a city in the Amazon where his father owned a large piece of property. Our Lady told Edson that the property belonged to her and that she would show her concern for the poor in the Amazon. She asked that a small chapel be built in her honor, initially out of straw, to signify the simplicity, the poverty and the suffering of all her children of the Amazon, who had been mistreated, exploited and killed by the more powerful of the land. In 1994, Edson’s Bishop, Carillo Gritti, wrote, “We are appreciating the probable supernatural nature of the events and of the messages.

The Apparition

Edson simply came to pray with us on September 27. We didn’t expect any visions or messages. Suddenly, after he prayed his last Hail Holy Queen, Edson’s legs apparently supernaturally flipped up from his knees at a right angle to the floor and his body came crashing down to the hardwood floor on his knees. The sound was explosive and my feet and lower legs felt the vibrations of the floor. I shuddered in awe that he did not break his kneecaps. Edson went into ecstasy. (See the photo below).

That’s how Edson greeted the Blessed Virgin Mary who appeared to him, much to the surprise of us all. Edson later said that she likes to be called Queen of the Rosary and of Peace because, as she told him in 1994, “I want to show you all, that with the recitation of the Rosary the world will find peace.” Later, I asked Edson’s translator if Edson had fallen like that before and if he had told him what it felt like. He replied, “Yes it’s happened before, even on jagged rocks, and he said that he felt like he was landing and kneeling on pillows!”

The Message

After completing our Rosary, Edson said, “Our Blessed Mother came tonight with many angels: St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael and all other angels of the nine choirs. Many angels filled the whole room.” Then he read us a message from the Blessed Mother,

Peace, beloved children. I, your mother, come from heaven to ask that you welcome these messages in your hearts and live as if this is your last day of life.  Open your hearts to learn how to forgive and love. Open your hearts so that you deserve the graces and gifts Jesus wants to give to you. Console the heart of Jesus, this repairs sin, live in the grace of God. Confess your sins, ask God for forgiveness. I love you, my children, and I do not want you to follow paths that lead to perdition, to Hell. I am here to help you. Pray, pray a lot so that you will have the strength to overcome sin. I bless each and every one of you.

The Talk
After he saw the apparition of Our Lady, Edson gave us a short talk,

Pray a lot so we have the strength to succeed over sin. You must pray – it is the first step for a Christian and it is the easiest to do. Many times we don’t pray, we are very selfish, only thinking about ourselves. We don’t think that at this very moment there is suffering. You would want God to help you; we cannot leave prayer to the side. Our prayer helps others to be happy. Our Lady sent me from the Amazon to talk to you. Bring these words to others and bring families to God. She is calling each and every one of you to be a light to others, even the young. She is calling all of you to speak to others. We were baptized and confirmed; it is our mission. We must be testimonies of our faith. We must not feel ashamed of our faith. When we see so many other people destroying things, God is counting on us. Enough of sin. Help to save souls, help me to save your brothers and sisters who are on the road to perdition. Our Lady has cried frequently for young people, they hurt her and Jesus’s hearts with their sins. Cell phones, messages, texts – sin moves fast. The devil is destroying young people by this means.

If you were to see Our Lady, you would die immediately. When she looks at you, she touches your soul. Her words go inside your heart. She says, “I put all of my children in my heart. My love is big, my love embraces the whole world.” She told me, “On the day of chastisement I will cover all of my children with my mantle; all those who heard my calling and lived my messages; only those who listened and were obedient. [See the photo below of Edson and his painting of the vision of Our Lady covering all of her children with her mantle on the day of chastisement.]

Those who did not believe, who said the messages were false, who did not convert and did nothing for families, Jesus said, by his order, “He will throw into hell for dry wood, good for nothing.”

Do something, because God wants us to do for ourselves and others. Do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven timid or fearful, but ask for God’s strength to give testimony to others.

God changed my life and the life of my whole family. Fathers, if you drink a lot God and Our Lady do not like it. My father drank a lot. When Our Lady appeared at our home she told me to not be upset with my father; to forgive, love and be with him and to tell him you love him. Convert him with love, patience, kindness, forgiveness. I also prayed many Rosaries, Mass, adoration and my dad changed. He is a different person, he is a man of God. Jesus will change the life of the person in your family who is the most difficult through the Eucharist and the Rosary. The devil loses his power through these. He can be the most lost person but that person can be saved through the Rosary. The devil is afraid of prayer.

[Author: On September 7, 2017, Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean Islands. It was the largest hurricane ever formed in the Atlantic Ocean. Also on September 7, an 8.2 earthquake hit Mexico, the strongest earthquake in Mexico in a century.]  

Our Lady asks everyone to pray a lot and do penance because your country needs prayers but deserves God’s justice. Pray, so that God can look at your country with mercy. Our Lady wants to push evil away. On September 7th with her hands she pushed evil away 3 times. Then she pushed her hands towards the ground like that.  [Author: Edson pushes palms down towards the ground.] Earthquakes. [Author: Then Edson pushes his hands away from his chest.] Hurricanes. Many other things she knows that we don’t know. In the Amazon she will leave a sign that all will see. She already left many signs there: spinning sun, stars moving quickly in the sky, the sky dividing into two parts, lightning bolts, and clouds. People could see the face of Jesus, the Rosary and an image of her in the sky to help people convert.

Put blessed crosses over the doorway of your homes. This will protect you from people who are under the influence of the devil, the person will come in but the devil will not be able to come into the house. We have to protect ourselves with Holy Water to protect against Satan. Bless yourselves, sprinkle a little bit for the souls in Purgatory – you will save many souls. Bless yourselves going and coming into your home. The devil will have no power over you and you will avoid many dangers. Bless your ears, forehead and body for protection. You will be protected, you will conquer temptations. Go on your knees, kiss the floor 3 times in an act of humility. Say 3 times to God the Father, “Lord, your will be done”. Say 3 times to God the Son, then kiss the floor again three times, “Jesus, your will be done.” Then kiss the floor 3 times and say to God the Holy Spirit, “Holy Spirit, your will be done.”

The devil cannot stand humility. Our Lady will help each one of you. If you wake up in the night, you cannot sleep, take your Rosary and pray. Save a soul about to get lost in hell. This happens to all of us, we wake up, help Our Lady. Get up and pray. May all of this remain in your hearts.

The scapular of St. Joseph protects families and young people especially. Use with a lot of faith and love. Pray for 30 days the novena to the Holy Cloak of St. Joseph – it is on the Internet. [Author: Click here for the novena.] Ask a priest to bless the scapulars and put it on when you have done the novena and have gone to Confession. You will be under the protection of St Joseph. He will protect young people against the sins attacking purity and other dangers.

The Sign and the Chastisements

On October 4, 1996, Our Lady told Edson at Itapiranga that she would leave a visible sign on the cross located there. Later she said, “When the moment arrives for the sign left on the cross, the time for the conversion of the world will end. All of humanity will suffer great calamities and will be devastated by punishments as has never happened from the creation of the world. Let us open our hearts to God and make a sincere commitment to convert, and he will have mercy on us.” Some of the chastisement prophecies revealed by Our Lady to Edson have already taken place such as the Asian tsunami that killed over 200,000 people.

May we all respond to Our Lady’s requests so that we will be protected under her mantle from the chastisements that are coming to our country and to the world!

October 26, 2017