Be Delivered From Evil

“Unless My Children Reform Their Lives, They Will Suffer Great Persecution.”

“Unless My Children Reform Their Lives, They Will Suffer Great Persecution.”

In April of 1957, Our Lady of America said, “Unless my children reform their lives, they will suffer great persecution. If man himself will not take upon himself the penance necessary to atone for his sins and those of others, God in His justice will have to send upon him the punishment necessary to atone for his transgressions.”

Today, with wars, international terrorism, natural disasters, same-sex false marriage and false transgenderism, Our Lady of America’s messages for reformation, purity, peace and prayer are more urgent than ever and we are in great need of her protection.

The time is short to pray and sacrifice for purity, peace and protection. It is evident that the forces of evil and Secularism are enveloping the world. Their hatred, however, is now particularly focused on and in the United States because of the Divine Mandate given to it to lead the world to purity and peace.

In order to lessen the chastisement of Our Lady of America’s prophecy that “God in His justice will have to send upon [man] the punishment necessary to atone for his transgressions,” we should respond to her request and pray for purity, peace and protection.

We should also prepare for the ten secrets that Our Lady revealed to Mirjana Soldo in Medjugorje. Mirjana said, “The first two secrets will be warnings to the world – events on the earth as warnings to the world.” You may read my book The Ten Secrets, How to Prepare for Their Warnings and learn about the secrets and how to prepare for them.

Father Svetozar Kraljevic O.F.M., formerly of Medjugorje said in the Foreword to my book, “I see this book as the blood flowing in the body of the Church, as really the real life of the Church. I see it as the moment of outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will touch each reader. This is what we need now in this aggression of this secular thinking, in this aggression of godless logic.”

My book contains a personal interview that I had with Mirjana. She told me, “That’s very good that you wrote the book not to scare people. This is important because a mother never scares her children and never gives them a reason to be afraid. She gives them hope and love. Blessed Mary is not coming to Medjugorje so that we are afraid of the future, but so that we have love and peace in the future with her.”

How will you prepare for the warnings and chastisements that will soon come to the world? Mary has made her requests clear over the last two centuries. There is hope for the triumph of her Immaculate Heart and the New Era of Peace that Our Lady prophesied at Fatima. Mirjana said that Our Lady of Medjugorje told her, “What I started at Fatima, I will finish in Medjugorje. My heart will triumph.”
Mary also told Mirjana, “Be Ready.”

In May 2018, Pope Francis sent Archbishop Henryk Hoser as “Apostolic Visitor” to Medjugorje. Archbishop Hoser said, “Every indication” is that the apparitions will be approved, “specifically, I think it’s possible to recognize the authenticity of the first [seven] apparitions as proposed by the Ruini Commission.”

Archbishop Hoser also said, “The devotion of Medjugorje is allowed. It’s not prohibited, and need not be done in secret…. The decree of the former episcopal conference of what used to be Yugoslavia, which, before the Balkan war, advised against pilgrimages in Medjugorje organized by bishops, is no longer relevant.”

See and hear Medjugorje visionary, Mirjana Soldo, and others talk about the secrets in this short video. It is a message of consolation and promise of protection, but of a needed purification.

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