True CHANGE and HOPE Come Through Prayer and Not Through Political Promises

As Catholics, before we vote, we are called to inform ourselves about the issues and to form our consciences correctly in accordance with the natural moral law and the teachings of the Catholic Church. We are also called to prayer.

Our Lady of America is our Queen and National Patroness. She said, “I am the Immaculate One, Patroness of your land. Be my faithful children, as I have been your faithful Mother.”

As her faithful children, we must pray for America to have True CHANGE and HOPE for life and peace and we should wear her medal for protection!

Let us pray for True Change for America to reverence life from conception to natural death, to protect the pre-born and their mothers and to care for the elderly; to practice peace and to be protected from religious persecution, wars, terrorism, natural disasters and economic collapse! This is True Change that brings hope for life, peace and protection with God’s blessing.

Our Lady of America is the only canonically approved devotion that is based upon apparitions of Our Lady in the United States. Archbishop Paul Liebold approved and granted the Imprimatur for Our Lady of America’s messages and medal. The medal is only the second approved medal that she revealed in the world and her only medal for protection! It is America’s Miraculous Medal. We should all wear this medal!

Let us pray in unity a  Novena to Our Lady of America for True Change and Hope for America (click on the title) during the nine days preceding the 2016 election, beginning October 30 and ending November 7.

Let us return America under God to its foundational principles as established by its Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Perhaps God is calling you to host a Visitation of His Mother’s Image!Please forward this message to your friends so that they can join our Novena!

Thank you and May God bless you and May God bless America!


Post Traumatic Abortion Survivor
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