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Tomie de Paola, Rest in Peace!

Tomie de Paola, Rest in Peace!

Dan Lynch
May 4, 2020

“Children can see two worlds existing together harmoniously in his paintings—whether with Strega Nona, Mother Goose, Fin M’Coul, Bible stories, or Our Lady of Guadalupe—which is a wonderful thing to children because it is a wonderful truth.”
Thomas Anthony “Tomie” de Paola, American artist of children’s books, died on March 30 at the age of 85, after a fall in the barn that served as his studio. 
Many years  ago, I met Tomie in Burlington, Vermont, at one of his book signings. He created an illustrated children’s book about Our Lady of Guadalupe that our apostolate carried.

After a couple of years,Tomie’s publisher notified our apostolate that they were going to discontinue the book about Our Lady of Guadalupe, because of a lack of public demand, unless we continued to order it. We continued to order it and the publisher continued to publish it.
Please read this wonderful tribute to Tomie:  Tomie dePaola: Making Old Things New
Tomie de Paola, Rest in Peace!