Thousand Oaks is the 307th Mass Shooting in 2018

There are so many recent mass shootings in the United States that most people cannot keep track of them. A mass shooting is defined as four or more people shot. In 2018 there have been 307 mass shootings. 12 of these mass shootings have occurred since the one in the Pittsburgh synagogue on October 27. In less than 3 weeks, 12 mass shootings have left 79 shot of whom 23 were killed. (Source).

The most recent mass shooting occurred on November 7 at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California, that left 13 dead, including the gunman.

Many people ask, “Why did this shooting happen?” This was not merely a human criminal event, it was sin, inspired and directed by Satan, evil personified.

Evil is not created by God, it is the absence of the good that He has created, inspired by a real evil personality, Satan, with whom the human race has been in conflict since the Garden of Eden when he tempted Adam and Eve into the Original Sin.

“Without the knowledge Revelation gives of God we cannot recognize sin clearly and are tempted to explain it as merely a developmental flaw, a psychological weakness, a mistake, or the necessary consequence of an inadequate social structure, etc. Only in the knowledge of God’s plan for man can we grasp that sin is an abuse of the freedom that God gives to created persons so that they are capable of loving him and loving one another.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 387).

Jesus King of All Nations explained why He allows evil from people and suffering from natural disasters, after the Haitian earthquake on January 12, 2010 which killed almost 100,000 people, injured about 220,000 and made at least 1.5 million people homeless with 250,000 residences and about 30,000 commercial buildings severely damaged.

Five days after the earthquake, Jesus gave a consoling message about that devastating natural disaster that also applies to the recent Thousand Oaks mass shooting. He told his Secretary, the mystic of His devotion, “Those who have lost their lives in this tragedy are victims of Merciful Love. Their sacrifice will not only help to secure their salvation but will also call down My Great Mercy upon their nation and the world. . . . I allow such things in nature to serve My Divine Plan of Love, to help awaken the consciences of souls and thereby to turn their hearts and minds to Me, their God and Savior and also to allow them to participate in My Redemptive Act by sharing in My sufferings.”(Journal 351-352).

So what is the remedy? Jesus King of All Nations said, “In these times only one thing will be given as a remedy. I Myself AM that remedy!!!” (Journal 159).  Let us do as Jesus asked us and turn our hearts and minds to Him, share in His sufferings, accept His grace and mercy and be a people of peace under the Prince of Peace. Let us implore Him for peace to overcome violence and for the grace of the end of the innocent casualties and deaths. May we reverence the life, dignity, beauty and wonder of every single human being from conception to natural death and may we pray for the grace, mercy and protection that Jesus King of All Nations promised us.

After a lone gunman ambushed and fired upon a group of police officers on July 7, 2016, in Dallas, Texas, killing five officers and injuring nine others, Jesus said,

When will you accept My devotion of Jesus, King of All Nations? Are not these atrocities enough to move you to faith and action? [Click here to learn how to practice the devotion].

Once more I offer to you this precious gift and remedy from Heaven. Will you at last accept it and practice it? Will you at last enthrone My image and proclaim anew My Sovereign Rights and Supreme, Inviolate Authority over mankind? [Click here to learn how to enthrone the image.]

Hear Me at last or the state of the world will continue to decline yet further until one day the Great Chastisement will fall upon you and you shall cry, “Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord!” (Journal 732 – 734).

We are called to have hope in the promise of Jesus King of All Nations for a great renewal of the Church, of mankind and of all creation. Jesus King of All Nations said,

Take up My devotion of Jesus, King of All Nations for in its practice you shall find for yourselves a haven of Grace, Mercy and Protection. Enthrone this My image everywhere for I shall be powerfully present there and the Power of My Sovereign Kingship shall surely shield you from My Just Judgement.

Be strong and do not lose hope. I AM with you to save you. (Journal 414-419).

Yours is the choice. I leave you free to accept or reject both My admonition and My gift. (Journal 375, 376, 379).

God is seemingly calling out to us, “America, you need Me!” There is no other leader, or political, legal or economic solution. We are in a spiritual battle (see Ephesians 6:12) and only God can help us.

God told King Solomon, “If then my people, upon whom my name has been pronounced, humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven and pardon their sins and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

So let us humble ourselves, turn from our evil ways and pray to Jesus King of All Nations that He will hear us from heaven, pardon our sins and heal our land. Let us pray The Litany for the Healing of Our Land.

You may obtain my Enthronement booklet and honor Jesus by enthroning His Image in your home, parish or school and by wearing His medal, for which He also promised protection.

For more information and for the prayers and promises of Jesus King of All Nations for protection against chastisements, you may read my book, Chastisements: Preparation and Protection against Them.

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