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The New and True Feminists

The New and True Feminists

The “Feminine Genius” and True Freedom and Happiness


Helen Alvare, founder
Women Speak for Themselves


The New Feminists say that while the old 1960s’ feminist movement was driven primarily by the need for economic and educational equality and equal pay for equal work, the old feminists missed the boat when it came to love and relationships. What the old feminists failed to understand, the new feminists explain, is that a woman’s true self is found not in radically independent isolation, but in relationship — and most completely in a committed and lasting communion of love. “The old feminism really thought it could excise marriage and kids out of women’s lives, except on the terms they wanted them,” Helen Alvare said. “It turns out these are elements you just can’t declare by fiat are no longer relevant to women’s freedom or happiness.”

New feminists say they’re sick and tired of old feminist organizations like the National Organization for Women and NARAL Pro-Choice America claiming to speak for them.

Today they will speak for themselves in Lafayette Square, across from the White House, to speak out boldly against the agenda of the old feminists, who continue to claim that the pill and abortion have set women “free”.

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