Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements

“The Error of Islam Spreads Anew and Oppresses the Peoples of the Earth.”

“The Error of Islam Spreads Anew and
Oppresses the Peoples of the Earth.”

                                                                                                            Dan Lynch, Editor
Editor’s Note: On September 19, police arrested Ahmad Khan Rahami, a suspected Militant Jihadist Muslim, for September 17 bombings in Chelsea, New York and Seaside Park, New Jersey. Also on September 17, Dahir Adan, another suspected Militant Jihadist Muslim, stabbed nine people in a Minnesota mall while referring to Allah. ISIS referred to him as a “Soldier” of the Islamic State. On September 20, Jesus King of All Nations revealed the following message to His Secretary.

Message of September 20, 2016

OUR LORD: “Let it be known clearly and by all that the progress of the enemy, the great progress of evil is a direct result of the obstinacy of mankind in his sinfulness and the outright denial of My Sovereign Kingship and Divine rights over him.

This is why I have given the remedy of My devotion of Jesus, King of All Nations in these most sinful times. I have pleaded again and again with My children to repent and be converted, many times sending My Immaculate Mother herself who is the Mother of All mankind.

How many have listened? How many have responded? Too few to stay the hand of Divine Justice which is falling upon you. You are reaping the fruit of your obstinate and sinful ways. Long ago should I have let fall the great punishment except for the powerful pleadings of Mary Immaculate and the prayers and sacrifices of My faithful ones.

You can see how the false religion which has persecuted the truth of Christianity for centuries is once more taking a strong foothold even where before it was unable. The error of Islam spreads anew and oppresses the peoples of the earth.

Cry out once again to the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary! Pray her prayer always! [Editor’s note: Please join The new Spiritual Rosary Crusade to Totally Disable Militant Jihadist Muslims and for Peace.]

Enthrone Me as True King in your hearts and in your homes! Take up My devotion! Promote My devotion as never before! My people! I plead with you anew! Turn to Me and repent of your sins! Throw them into the abyss of My Infinite Mercy!

The days of the great battle between the Woman and the dragon begin to unfold. Oh the drama of this spiritual battle! Never before so crucial and intense! Souls are at stake! How many in these days are falling into Hell! Please My children listen at last to your God Who loves you.”

End of Message