Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements

The Divine Plan of Jesus King of All Nations for Wisconsin, USA, and All Nations

On November 26, 2021, Jesus King of All Nations revealed His Divine Plan to His Secretary, the mystic of His devotion. He said that from the state of Wisconsin, USA, shall come bounteous graces for the renewal of His holy Church and that of this nation [the USA] and indeed of all the nations of the world.

I believe that this Divine Plan is a fruit of the Entrustment of the USA to Jesus King of All Nations only 5 days before, on November 21, 2021, on the Feast of Christ the King, by Bishop David Ricken of the Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin,  in his Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier.

You may read the entire Act of Entrustment HERE.

Jesus King of All Nations revealed,

Go forward now and honor Me as Jesus King of All Nations in My devotion; that which I revealed from Heaven to help My poor children in the dangerous and truly sinful, evil times in which they live.

This devotion is a sign from Heaven that these are the end-times and the eternal plan of the Father for mankind continues to unfold. Once more I proclaim: This devotion is the crowning glory of all devotions to My sacred Person.

On December 10, 2021, Jesus King of All Nations revealed, with His scriptural confirmations,

I send My daughter, My servant, My Secretary once more with My message, My devotion of Jesus King of All Nations.

Behold, I am sending my messenger ahead of you; he will prepare your way. A voice of one crying out in the desert: ‘Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths.’ “ (Mark 1:2-3).

It is the keen desire of My Most Sacred Heart that My devotion as I have revealed it be embraced and fully employed first by My Holy Church and then spread throughout the entire world. [Learn how to practice the devotion HERE]

“for the king’s order was urgent.” (Daniel 3:22).

You see time grows very short. These are the times for My Sovereign Kingship, My Divine Reign, My Eternal Rule to be boldly and unabashedly proclaimed.

“This shall be to the Lord’s renown, an everlasting imperishable sign.” (Isaiah 55:13).

Wake up My people! Come to the foot of My throne to receive mercy, peace and forgiveness. Come to receive protection from what is soon to come upon the world. 

“Because you have kept my message of endurance, I will keep you safe in the time of trial that is going to come to the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth. I am coming quickly. Hold fast to what you have, so that no one may take your crown.” (Revelation 3:10-11).

Once more do all that is possible to you to bring about My Reign, My Sovereign Kingship in all souls, in all nations!”

I plead with you now to employ My full devotion to include My image which I Myself have designed. This image in particular moves My Sacred Heart with pity for My children. [Learn about the image HERE]

For our God is a consuming fire.” (Hebrews 12:29).

It draws down My graces, mercy and protection. This image must be solemnly enthroned. This is My Divine desire. My holy plan. Let it be so. Let it be done. [Learn how to enthrone the image HERE]

The Lord is here.” (Ezekiel 48:35).

He answered, “You have said so.” (Matthew 26:25).
Our Lady revealed to His Secretary,

I am the Immaculate Queen of Heaven and earth! Mary, the Immaculate, sinless one, the most holy Mother of God.

I was sent here to this wild land, [Wisconsin] to usher in the Reign of my Divine Son Who is Jesus King of All Nations. I have come to prepare this chosen land in this vast country for the coming of Jesus Christ the Sovereign Lord and King of all.

Blessed is this land by the Almighty Lord for it is chosen, it is consecrated by the Lord and marked as His by my appearance here.

Our Lady was apparently referring to her appearance in Wisconsin in October 1859 to Adele Brise. The Church approved the apparition.

Please watch and listen to this short professional YouTube video HERE  of Jesus King of All Nations and His requests to us in order to receive His protection from the coming Great Chastisement.

“I have had the privilege of studying the Jesus King of All Nations revelations with great care. This study has left me no doubts, not even minor, concerning the authenticity of these revelations as revelations directly dictated by Jesus to his Secretary and the truth of their content as a remedy for the imminent chastisement under way.” 
Father Peter Damian Fehlner, OFM Conv.

“I believe that Dan Lynch has done us a great service in linking historical facts and prophetic revelations over the past two centuries with the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and of the Roman Pontiffs about what is being manifested in our own era. He illustrates very well that the teaching of Pius XI in Quas Primas, on the Kingship of Christ, is more highly relevant than ever and that it accords remarkably with the (private) revelations on Jesus King of All Nations.

“It seems impossible to me to escape the conclusion that we are at a very crucial stage in the Church and in the United States and in the world. The Devotion to Jesus King of All Nations certainly seems to be a divinely-ordained remedy for our present chaotic situation.”
Monsignor Arthur Calkins, Mariologist and named Chaplain of His Holiness and Prelate of Honor of His Holiness

“Dan Lynch has done a masterful job to summarize not only the critical times we are living, but the even more critical response needed. One way or another, the world will acknowledge that Jesus is Lord.”
Mark Mallett, Evangelist and Author, The Final Confrontation

“What Dan presents to us is not the Eschatology of Despair promoted today by a few, but rather he prophetically proclaims the same thing Pope Pius XI did almost 100 years ago in Quas Primas: Our Lord Jesus Christ is the King of All Nations, and we must acknowledge him as such so as to hasten his Reign on earth.”
Daniel O’Connor, Professor of Philosophy and Author, The Crown of History and The Crown of  Sanctity