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The Coming Food Fight at the Thanksgiving Table

Below is an article with some food for thought for Thanksgiving from my good friend Ted Flynn at Signs and Wonders for Our Times. Happy Thanksgiving! Dan Lynch

The Coming Food Fight at the Thanksgiving Table

by Ted Flynn | November 8, 2017

Division Among Families: Politics and the Church

No matter where one travels, there is a near constant conversation from Catholics and non-Catholics alike about Pope Francis. Since the white smoke went up the chimney of the Sistine Chapel and Francis walked onto the balcony overlooking St. Peter’s Square March 13, 2013, and the words ‘Habemus Papam’ (we have a pope) were uttered, opinions are all over the spectrum. Now into his fourth year as leader of the Church holding the Petrine Keys, the long knives are out. Many who sat on the fence as a courtesy of the Office are no longer silent. If they held their tongues and pens, out of deference to the sacredness of the office itself, this is no longer the case.

Pope Francis is a lightening rod to most who study what he says and does. No matter the political or spiritual persuasion, the sentiments are profound on the future direction of the church under Francis. Largely gutting the orthodox view from having a voice on internal affairs, a core group of liberals are firmly entrenched. Pope Benedict XVI recently said, “The Church is on the verge of capsizing.”

Controversy surrounds Francis, and many orthodox Catholics cringe in pain every time he boards a plane and speaks extemporaneously to the press. Al Gore jokingly says he is thinking of becoming Catholic because the pontiff holds so many views dear to his heart.

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