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Sophie Says to Stop COVID-19, Stay in and Keep Prayin’!

Sophie Says to Stop COVID-19, Stay in and Keep Prayin’!

Dan Lynch
May 14. 2020

My executive assistant, Lori Rainville, has a seven -year-old granddaughter Sophie. She really misses school and has a message for us that to stop Covid-19 we should just “stay in and keep prayin’!”
See and listen to her message in a short video that she produced herself here.
While we are staying in and praying and missing Mass and the Eucharist, we should practice the Divine Indwelling requested by Our Lady of America. She said that it was her own personal spirituality.
Sister Mildred, the visionary, wrote that on the evening of August 5, 1957, “Our Lady spoke to me about the Divine Indwelling. It was her life and she lived it perfectly always conscious of His presence, never forgetting that all her greatness came from within, from Him who dwelt there, working, loving, and doing good through her. This is what Our Lady means when she speaks of reformation, renewal. It is this about which she is so concerned, namely sanctification from within. . . . She seemed anxious to impress me with some idea of the greatness of this gift of God to us, namely, His Divine Presence within our souls through sanctifying grace.”

On March 18, 1958, St. Joseph appeared to Sister Mildred and said, “Through you, small one, the Trinity desires to make known to souls Its desire to be adored, honored, and loved within the kingdom, the interior kingdom of their hearts.”
On November 23, 1957, Our Lady revealed herself to Sister Mildred “as she really and truly was, the Immaculate Tabernacle of the Indwelling God.” She wore “on her breast, as through a veil, the Triangle and the Eye, which is often depicted as the symbol of the Divine Indwelling.” This image is now on the reverse side of the medal of Our Lady of America so that we can wear the image as she did. She revealed her title, “I am Our Lady of the Divine Indwelling, handmaid of Him who dwells within.”
On February 11, 1958, Our Lady said, “There is only one true way to the Father, my child, only one way to eternal union. It is the way of the divine humanity. It is through my Son, the only-begotten of the Father, that souls attain perfect union with the divinity, as perfect as human nature is capable of, aided by divine grace.” Towards evening Our Lady said, “I am the Mother of the sacred humanity, and it is my special work as Co-Redemptrix of the human race to help souls reach the sanctity of the Father in eternal union by showing them how to put on Christ, to imbibe His Spirit, and thus become one with Him.”
Our Lady made known to Sister “that she is particularly interested in the youth of our nation. It is they who are to be the leaders of this movement of renewal on the face of the earth. . . . But the youth must be prepared, and this must be done by instilling into them, not only the knowledge of the Divine Indwelling, but a serious study of It, living It in such a way that the Divine Presence becomes, as it were, an intimate and necessary part of their life and daily living. From this will flow a great love, a conflagration that will envelop the world in the flames of divine charity.”
So, let us learn and study the Divine Indwelling! It is not a new teaching by Our Lady of America. The Church has always taught it and Our Lady of America is reminding us of it. The teaching has its source in Sacred Scripture and is taught by the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

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Pray Sister Mildred’s Prayer to the Indwelling Most Holy Trinity here.