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Signs and Wonders through the Missionary Image

Many signs and wonders have occurred during Visitations of the Missionary Image. On Our Lady’s Journey, she gives us these signs and wonders in order to build up our hope and confidence in her heavenly intercession. The Miracle of the Sun occurred many times in the presence of the Missionary Image. Roses fell from the Image and the smell of roses emanated from it. The Image cried tears of oil on several occasions. Many people felt heartbeats in the Image. On several occasions the Image appeared in three dimensions and manifested Holy Glitter, also known as Escarchas.

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Missionary Image Manifests Heartbeats and Kickings of Unborn Baby

On today’s Feast of the Holy Innocents, we remember the first martyrs for Jesus Christ. They were the babies under two years of age in Bethlehem whom were killed by the raging hatred of King Herod who wanted to prevent a prophesied Bethlehem baby from becoming a rival King.

We also remember the unborn victims of abortion and the many manifestations from the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe of heartbeats and kickings of an unborn child. Some of these heartbeats have been confirmed by medical personnel listening with stethoscopes.

In their reverential devotion, many of the faithful touch and kiss the Missionary Image. In doing so, many have felt warmth, an electric-like current, and Our Lady’s heartbeat. They’ve also felt a womb of flesh, beneath which they have felt the heartbeats, movements and kickings of an unborn child.

God gives these signs at his pleasure to increase our faith, hope and love of him. The heartbeats are also a sign that life begins at conception and is not a “choice” for the mother because God, the Author of Life, has already chosen the child for life.

Below are some testimonies from witnesses of heartbeats and kickings from the Missionary Image at Johnette Benckovic’s Women of Grace Retreat at Malvern, Pennsylvania last summer.

On Saturday night at Malvern, I was alone with the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe image and I used the stethoscope provided to try to hear Jesus’ heartbeat. I did not hear anything for the first couple of seconds, but then the sound of a baby’s rapid heartbeat! Then, I was quite literally kicked by Him in the womb. I was being very delicate with the stethoscope, and He kicked the hand holding it.

I thought I might be imagining what I had been praying for. I had been asking the Lord to reveal Himself to me in a unique way and I believe He did.

I repeated the above process, and the same thing happened. I knew then that I had received a great grace and miracle. I told Johnette on Sunday, but I have only shared this with my husband, daughter and one friend who needed encouragement.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this with you.



I had been thinking about how the Protestants I know would mock us for venerating the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but my son’s Confirmation saint is St. Juan Diego, the one to whom Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared on December 12, 1531. So, I thought that I should go up to venerate the image. The second, the very second that I stepped foot on the stage, I began trembling to my core. (I know this sounds trite, but there is just no other way to describe it).

Others were praying over the image and had their hand on it, so I tried waiting…but I hadn’t noticed before how round and full Mary’s belly was. I told myself that was silly and that I had seen so many photos and pictures of the image, but then again, how could I have missed how obviously and truly pregnant Mary was. And then, I did what most people do when face to face with a pregnant woman-my hand shot out. And as my hand made contact just under the black belt- boom boom! I drew my hand away and my trembling grew worse.

A second time I reached out and was kicked! No one said anything about the baby Jesus kicking! Just that if one used a stethoscope, one might hear a heartbeat, but this sweet baby couldn’t wait for us to get one I guess. A third time I reached out, only to be greeted by the energetic kick again. I did not need to wait, but hurried back to my seat (I’m not sure how since my legs were trembling so hard) only to find a dear sacred sister was sitting next to my bag. I was so grateful and my heart swelled as we began singing and then reciting the Rosary together before hours of adoration and contemplation.

For years, I have loved talking to teens of the sweet baby Jesus and while worshipping this past year at the Shrine of Saint Anthony, I have prayed that my heart, too, might so resemble Mary’s that the infant Jesus would come to me. If only I could have imagined that He would choose this Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, so dear to my own son.


I was profoundly moved by the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe when I first saw her on Friday, even before I knew that this was a digital image taken from the original. One of the women told me about it and then I read the description on the image that explained it. I was moved by how reverent the women were as they patiently waited their turn to pray before the image.

Two nurses brought a stethoscope on Saturday and we listened for heartbeats. I heard a strong heartbeat from Our Lady and a softer one from Baby Jesus. I also heard a swishing noise that a woman told me was the amniotic fluid.

I made another visit on Saturday and again heard the heartbeats. I felt as if it was a special blessing. It helped me to feel closer to the humanity of Our Lady and Jesus. I am very grateful.

I didn’t hear anything on Sunday but during the Consecration and Holy Communion I experienced a deep healing. I was drawn after Mass to kneel beside the Blessed Mother and thank her. it was hard each time to pull myself away from her. I could have stayed there for hours.



Concluding Prayer for Today’s Feast of the Holy Innocents

O God,
whom the Holy Innocents confessed
and proclaimed on this day,
not by speaking but by dying,
grant, we pray,
that the faith in you which we confess
with our lips may also speak through our manner of life.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.
— Amen.

Missionary Image Manifests Holy Glitter!

Missionary Image Guardian Maria Egerton called it the best Christmas gift from Our Lady of Guadalupe! Maria is hosting a Visitation of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Jensen Beach, FL area. The Missionary Image has traveled on Visitations for the last 25 years to bring conversions and a Culture of Life and Civilization of Love, for which St. John Paul II prayed. Learn how to host a Visitation here.

Maria reported that on the day before the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 11, in a private home, the Image oozed oil and manifested shining glitter on a spot on Our Lady’s forehead. Please view the amateur darkened video and focus on the center of the forehead to see for yourself.

Listen to the comments of the venerators of the Image such as, “That is so beautiful! Mother Mary is happy. It’s like a light; it’s flashing; it reminds me of the stars; like a diamond; sparkling. Thank you Blessed Mother. Big glitter shining. She loves us. Blessed Mother is alive and she is here and blessing you and is happy.”

You may watch Maria’s video here.

St. John Paul II named Our Lady of Guadalupe the Mother of Hope. Hope is the confident expectation of divine blessings. Our Lady of Guadalupe told St. Juan Diego, “Am I not your hope? I am the mother of all those who have confidence in me and I will offer all my love, my compassion and my powerful help and protection for the people.”

Oil and holy glitter are signs manifested through the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She has also manifested other signs such as detections of a heartbeat of an unborn baby in her womb, confirmed by doctors and nurses with stethoscopes, and the shedding of tears of oil. You may read about these signs here.

These signs are manifested at the pleasure of God who delights to give them to help to strengthen our faith and our confidence in the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
May you confidently await God’s divine blessings and have a happy and holy celebration of his birth on Christmas Day.


In Wichita, Kansas, the Missionary Image visited an abortion center where late-term babies were killed and cremated in an incinerator on the premises. As the Image was processed around the center, people smelled a strong fragrance of roses. Then, they saw rose petals miraculously flaking from the Image in all directions. An eyewitness to this extraordinary event, experienced an overwhelming peace and said that it seemed as if heaven had come down to earth and Our Lady was saying, “It is good for you to be here; as I too stood at the foot of the Cross silently watching and praying as my innocent Son was crucified.”


Several witnesses saw the Missionary Image cry after the Baptism of three children in Huntington, New York. They believed she cried because so many of her unborn children die from abortion without Baptism. Two young teenagers witnessed the Missionary Image crying during all-night adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at a Catholic university chapel in Spokane, Washington. Only one student came for adoration that night while many others partied right outside the chapel.
The Missionary Image cried tears of oil on Christmas in Our Lady of Grace Church, Colchester, Vermont. The pastor preached that Our Lady was crying on her Son’s birthday for those of her children who have no birthday because of abortion.

Blessed Pope John Paul II said, “Mary’s tears are seen in her apparitions, with which, from time to time, she accompanies the Church during her journey on the highways of the world.”

“Our Lady’s tears belong to the order of signs: they testify to the presence of the mother in the Church and in the world. A mother weeps when she sees her children threatened by evil, be it spiritual or physical.”

“These are the tears of sorrow for all those who refuse the love of God, for those families that are broken or in difficulty, for the young people seduced by a consumerist civilization and so often disoriented, for the violence that still spills so much blood and for the misunderstandings and hate which dig deep trenches between individuals and peoples.”


Before, Dr. Margaret Posadas listens to Our Lady’s heartbeat

In their reverential devotion, many of the faithful touch and kiss the Missionary Image. In doing so, many have felt warmth, an electric-like current, and Our Lady’s heartbeat. They have also felt a womb of flesh, beneath which they felt the heartbeat, movement and kicking of an unborn child. Once a mother listened to Our Lady’s womb with a stethoscope. She clearly heard a heartbeat and the sounds of movement of a fetus in amniotic fluid.

After, Dr. Posadas venerates Our Lady in awe

Doctor Margaret Posadas placed her stethoscope on the heart of the Missionary Image at St. Joseph Medical Center in Reading, Pennsylvania. To her utter astonishment she heard a human heartbeat and knelt down in tearful veneration.

The Image was displayed for veneration during a Visitation to the hospital’s chapel. After Mass, Dr. Posadas venerated the Image while dressed in her lab coat with a stethoscope around her neck. Guardian Kathy Kuhns asked her, “Try to listen to Our Lady’s heart. Sometimes people hear a heartbeat. Why don’t you try it?”

A skeptical Dr. Posadas said, “At first I was ashamed to do it, but then I just went ahead and did it. I put my stethoscope over her hands and didn’t hear anything. Then I moved it up over her heart and I hear it a heartbeat. It was a loud heartbeat. I pulled my hand back, in tears, because I knew Our Lady was there and was aware of me and my doubts.”

Kathy captured the whole experience on film, from the moment that Dr. Posadas heard the heartbeat and pulled back in disbelief, to the instant that she fell weak and trembling to her knees.

“Tears of joy began to flow in the chapel, there wasn’t a dry eye there,” Kathy said.

During the Visitation to Reading, over two hundred venerators felt the heartbeat of an unborn child in the pregnant womb of the Virgin Mary in the image.

The heartbeats are a sign of God’s love for us. It is also a sign that life begins at conception and is not a “choice” for the mother because God, the Author of Life, has already chosen the child for life.
Our Lady of Guadalupe asked St. Juan Diego, “Am I not here who am your mother?” and she left him the sign of her image on his cloak to prove it. She is still with us in her Missionary Image and she still leaves us signs that she is our mother.

Missionary Image Guardian JoAnn Hille reported from Bay St. Louis, Mississippi where the Image visited around her Feast Day.

She took the image to a group of home-schooled children and their parents, told the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and invited the children to come to touch and venerate the Image and pray.

She noticed a little girl who kept getting back into line to come up and touch the Image. After coming through the line about four times, the little girl finally said, “When is He going to kick like He did the first time?” Apparently, when she touched the image the first time, she felt the miraculous kick of the unborn baby Jesus in Our Lady’s womb in the image!

JoAnn then brought the Image to St. Clare’s Church for a Healing Mass. The last man that venerated the Image approached her sobbing and said, “I saw Her open Her eyes up three times!!!” He was very touched to have such a blessing.

She brought the Image to Sacred Heart Church for Mass, a talk and veneration of the Image. She noticed another man sobbing in his wife’s arms. His wife said, “My husband has never had anything like this ever happen to him, he never looks for signs or wonders!” Then her husband said, “I saw the Host appear on the Image, and there was a ciborium under the Host and the rays coming from the Host were amazing!!!!!!” He couldn’t stop crying! It also brought tears to all those listening!

Then, the usher came up to JoAnn also crying, hugged her and said, “I felt the heartbeat of Our Lady!”

Then, a lady came up to her all excited and said, “I hope this picture comes out when it is developed, because as I was taking the picture I saw Baby Jesus!” They were all so excited and touched to have Our Lady do this!

JoAnn also brought the image to a nursing home to a former daily communicant. He was suffering from seizures as a result of a brain operation and a stroke. JoAnn wrote:

We entered his room. He recognized who we were and was happy to see us.

As we opened up the case and took Our Lady out and stood her up….and placed her close to his hospital bed….he immediately kept stretching his arm toward the Image. Just as his fingers touched the Image…his body shook, and his eyes got so big!!! And he didn’t move for several minutes!!!!!!

His wife kept repeating, “Are you alright?? Honey, are you alright??”

And he said, “Sh-h-h-h!!” And none of us moved or said anything for several minutes. Then, with his one hand still on the Image, and never taking his eyes off the Image, he used his other hand to touch everyone else’s hands who were standing around him.

He told us that he was trying to see if any of those hands were the one that was holding his hand and none of them were.

His wife started crying . . . and so did we. After it was all over, he slowly took his hand down from touching the Image, and he said, “I heard many voices, and someone was holding my hand!” (None of us was holding his hand while he was touching the Image!!!! We were all in tears!) I felt that it was Our Lady who was holding his hand and I mentioned this to them. And they all felt the same about this too!!!!

Holy Glitter, Also Known as Escarchas

Many of us remember Tinker Bell’s fairy dust from the movie Peter Pan. It’s also called “fairy dust glitter” and is now human made as a commercial product. However, fairy dust is not real and many do not know that there is also real Holy Glitter.

Holy Glitter are substances that are not human made but are supernatural phenomena. They are also known as “Escarchas.”

The word “Escarchas” means “frost” in Spanish. They look like glitter but are very different. Escarchas are thin, light, and shine with apparently their own brightness. They do not reflect light shined on them in the same manner as does human made glitter.

On the other hand, human made glitter does not have its own brightness, it dazzles only when any light shines on it.

Escarchas, unlike human made glitter, are neither metallic nor plastic. Their composition is not known.

Guardian Witnesses Holy Glitter on the Missionary Image

Guardian Vivian Mestey wrote from South Carolina that the Missionary Image manifested Holy Glitter during a Visitation that she hosted. She wrote,

Not only was oil present, but also Holy Glitter on the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was on her hair and on her forehead near her left eye. You could see a small cross, looking from the front of the Image. The Holy Glitter on her forehead was gold colored. A young boy pointed out the cross and the color. After a while some people pointed out that there was Holy Glitter on the floor. People were getting on their knees to pick them up…It was one blessing after another….Our Lady of Guadalupe was bringing miracles for all in need.

Venerator Sees Holy Glitter as a Sign of Her Healing

Marianne sent this testimony of her miracle and her experience with Holy Glitter:

About 2002 I noticed a small lump in my neck and went to the doctor who said, it is OK, not cancer. The lump grew slowly through the  years. In 2014, after feeling tightness in my throat, I had a biopsy done. I was told I had four nodules on my thyroid, one proved to be cancerous. Needless to say, I was shocked. An operation was scheduled. I had my throat blessed by Father Weymes and Father Starzynski.

Then came the Missionary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to our parish. I was thinking, “Good, I will pray before the Image of Mary, that hopefully the cancer did not spread.” The lady that was in charge of the Image gave a small talk before everyone walked up to venerate it. However, due to my hearing, I did not understand all that she said. Later I found out that she was talking about the manifestation of Holy Glitter. Well, I got up in line to walk up to the picture and while waiting on line, I spoke to the lady in charge explaining my ailment to her, my upcoming operation and that I was praying for the cancer not to have spread. 

She told me with 101% certainty, the cancer DID NOT spread. “Really?”  I said. And she repeated, “No, the cancer DID NOT spread.” “Wow!” I thought, “Should I believe her?”  When it was my turn in front of the Image, I knelt down and I tried to pray, but a lady next to me was so busy saying,” Look, Look, Look!”  She was picking up something from the floor. I had no idea what she was doing.  I thought there was glass on the floor or whatever… So I got up and stepped aside, almost annoyed, being so disrupted trying to speak to Mary… Then I was told, that while I was kneeling, Holy Glitter appeared. Everyone was trying to get some with a piece of tape. It came in all colors. “Give me some tape,” I said, “I’d like to get some Holy Glitter too!” And I tried hard to get glitter to stick onto my tape, but nothing would stick, nothing, only ONE WHITE SPECK. “Great,” I thought, “Mary does not like me.” The lady in charge anointed me with oil and I left the church.

While I was driving home, it hit me…I had a white speck,  White, Clear, Clean! All these words came to me….I knew then that Mary also gave me an answer, besides the lady in charge… meaning that the cancer did not spread! Nobody could have known this! I call it my miracle.

Scientists’ Studies of Escarchas

Some Escarchas were scientifically tested between 1993 and 1995. Scientists from different laboratories at the Central University of Venezuela conducted two sets of studies. They found remarkable differences in human made glitter and the Escarchas that had appeared on different dates at the monastery of Carrizal, as well as at convents and at a Marian conference.

This is what the scientists concluded:

The Escarchas are thin, light, and shine with apparently their own brightness; they do not reflect light shined on them in the same manner as does human made glitter. The Escarchas adhere to any surface and it is difficult to remove them. They present two faces or surfaces, as do some plant leaves which have a “top” and a “bottom” side.

On the other hand, human made glitter is rough and sandy, without its own brightness, it dazzles only when any light shines on it. It is not as adherent as Escarchas, and presents two equal surfaces.

Escarchas have the presence of protozoans or of green or various algae and blue or of diverse fungi, bubbles of air, water, and crystals. These elements always remained static, without activity, they seemed like fossils.

The human made glitter lacks the Escarchas presence of protozoans, fungi, and algae and contain nothing organic in them.

The Holy Escarchas, unlike human made glitter, are not metallic, nor plastic, nor mica, nor resins. Their composition could not be determined.

For more scientific explanation about Holy Glitter read here: http://www.spiritdaily.net/Sign_Wonders/escarchas.htm

For those with faith, no explanation is necessary. For those without faith, no explanation is sufficient.

These signs and wonders bring us hope! It is alive in those who venerate Our Lady of Guadalupe in her Missionary Image on her Visitations throughout our country. Our Lady is the mother of us all and she holds our hands as well.

For more information on Visitations of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, please read Dan Lynch’s book, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Hope for the World and see his video, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of Hope.