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"She Is Alive, She Touched My Hand!"

“She Is Alive, She Touched My Hand!”
Dan Lynch
April 2, 2020

Guardian Cathy Grinn of Rockwood, Michigan, sent us a report of her recent Visitation with the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Cathy has been a Guardian of the Missionary Image for over the last 20 years, since her pre-born baby was miraculously healed in her womb through the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe. You may see her testimony of her post-abortion healing several years ago here.

After that, Cathy got married and became pregnant. She went to her doctor for a sonogram and a pre-natal examination. The doctor told her that the sonogram showed that her placenta was torn and that she would probably have a miscarriage.

Cathy went home, called our Apostolate and asked for prayers through Our Lady of Guadalupe. We prayed for a happy mother and a healthy baby.

When Cathy returned for next doctor’ s appointment, another sonogram was taken and she awaited the results. Soon after, a befuddled doctor showed Cathy the first sonogram that showed a torn placenta and the new sonogram that showed a perfectly healthy placenta, which was scientifically inexplicable. Cathy later gave birth to Alexander, her healthy son.

Cathy reported that an eyewitness sent her the following testimony of her most recent Visitation.

Our Holy Mother was taken to St. Michael the Archangel Parish in Monroe, Michigan. After the 10:30 am Mass, several parishioners came up to venerate the Image. Along with them was a young girl about 8 years old.  

She waited patiently and when she came up to the Image, I felt our Holy Mother say to me, “Tell her to come forward and touch the Image. So, I leaned in to the little girl and told her she could touch the Image if she wanted. She immediately moved up a couple of steps and reached out for our Mother’s hands, and then, in a flash, she just backed away and said, She is alive, she touched my hand!”

I smiled at the little girl and asked her name. She told me, “Catherine”. I told her that Our Lord and his Mother loved her very much, and just wanted her to know that. Catherine smiled back at me and waved to the Image as she was leaving.
The second encounter with the Image also took place at St. Michael’s Parish. A woman with stage IV colon cancer wanted to view the Image. A friend from the Mother of Mercy Rosary cenacle took her to see the Image Saturday afternoon. She was very weak but wanted to walk up to the Image and touch her.

During this time Father Phil was hearing Confessions. After praying and touching  the Image, the woman asked to go to Confession. 

After Confession, she asked Father if it would be possible to receive Holy Communion as she was unsure if she could stay for the whole Mass because she was feeling sick from the chemotherapy. Father said he had some more Confessions to hear, but that the Deacon could give her Communion. So, she asked the Deacon and he immediately did just that and she returned home.

While at home resting in her chair, something very peculiar happened to her. She said that suddenly her body became rigid and light with very bright light surrounding her and she felt warm heat from head to toe. As fast as this happened it left, only lasting, in her words, about 3 seconds. She went to bed confused.

In the morning, she got up and felt amazingly stronger. She told her husband that she felt strong enough to go to Mass. After Mass she went with her family for breakfast and spent the afternoon with her grandkids, all the while feeling stronger as the day went on. Monday came and she was up and moving without her walker. Tuesday, she had a doctor’s appointment and was able to walk into the doctor’s office without a wheelchair or a walker. Later that day she called me and ask what this could mean?  My response was PRAISE GOD! He is so good, I told her to thank Our Lord for the gift of strength and time with her family.