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Saint Brother Andre’s Heart Lets My Daughter Maggie’s Heart Beat

Saint Brother Andre’s Heart Lets My Daughter Maggie’s Heart Beat
                                                                                             Dan Lynch


Recently, my daughter Maggie was diagnosed with epilepsy and rode from Montana to Vermont with her 20 year old daughter driving and six of her other children in their crowded Suburban. She was coming home to her birthplace in our rural home on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont to discern her family’s future. 


I took her and some of her children to visit the shrine of our patron, Saint Joseph, located in Montreal, Quebec. 


It is the largest shrine in the world to honor St. Joseph and was built through the promotion, faith, hope and love of St. Brother Andre Bessette whose incorrupt heart is venerated there. 


We went to Mass, prayed at the various altars honoring the titles of Saint Joseph and venerated the incorrupt heart of Saint Andre. He let Maggie’s heart beat to discern her family’s future and to write the following article to tell the story.


Let Your Heart Beat
                                                                            Maggie Eisenbarth

I believe we are all called to the small duties within our vocation but we are all called to greatness within them. Listen to God’s inspiration, right where you are. There is a seed planted in your heart that longs to take root. There is a longing there, your heart beats for you and as a gift for others. I have seen the heart of a saint: it lives. My heart pounded in its presence.

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