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Rosary Novena Requested by the Queen of Peace

On June 15, Our Lady, the Queen of Peace, appeared at Medjugorje and requested a Rosary Novena through June 25, for the intention of world peace.

Please click on the link and see and hear Dr. Mark Miravalle explain the “peaceful urgency” of Our Lady’s request and how you may respond to it.


Please read my book, Medjugorje’s Ten Secrets: How to Prepare, based upon interviews by me and others with visionary Mirjana Soldo. Get ready for the secrets and learn about the urgency of the requests of Our Lady, Queen of Peace, and how to respond to them. Help her to bring the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart and the New Era of Peace. Mary told Mirjana, “Be Ready.”Father Petar, designated recipient of Mirjana’s First Secret, said, “Everything is closer and closer. Never in the whole world has the situation been so sad and so bad. … Never in history have there been so many sinners and unbelievers. We are feeling that something has to happen very quickly. It cannot continue like this much longer. God has to do something very quickly!”

Watch and Listen to This Short Video by Dan on Why You Need to Read His Book.