Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements

Respond to Jesus for Peace in Ukraine

Yesterday, February 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia’s “deterrence forces” – which wield nuclear weapons – put on “high alert”.

Do you see the signs and warnings all around you?

Because of the willful spurning of God’s warnings, Jesus King of All Nations said, “I have pleaded again and again with my children to repent and be converted, many times sending my immaculate mother herself, who is the Mother of All Mankind. How many have listened? How many have responded? Too few to stay the hand of divine justice which is falling upon you. You are reaping the fruit of your obstinate and sinful ways.” (Journal 758-759).

Jesus King of All Nations has now prophesied a GREAT CHASTISEMENT because of unrepentant sinful humanity. He said, “Let it be known and made clear, that soon, very soon, there shall come upon mankind the Great Chastisement which has been prophesied for many years yet held back by the most powerful intercession of my immaculate mother and the prayers and sacrifices of my faithful ones.” (Journal 420).

Jesus said, “Awake! Lift up your heads my people! Do you not see the signs all around you?! A great catastrophe is about to befall you!” (Journal 664).

He has continually asked us to practice His devotion of Jesus King of All Nations and to enthrone His Image everywhere in order receive His graces and protection from His prophesied chastisements. This  Russian unjust war may be a possible prelude to World War III.

Jesus King of All Nations said, “In these times, only one thing will be given as a remedy. I myself AM that remedy!” (Journal 159). “I have told you of the remedy, that of the public practice of my Devotion and veneration of my Image.” (Journal 671). So,let us learn how to practice His Devotion HERE and how to enthrone His Image HERE!

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