Be Delivered From Evil


Our Lady of America requested that the United States be dedicated to her purity. This was in 1956, just before the Sexual Revolution of the Sixties. That is why Our Lady of America she asked for the practice of the virtue of purity. She knew what was coming from impurity, if her requests were not followed. They were not and we have suffered, in what Blessed Pope John Paul II called the Culture of Death.

Our Lady of America wants purity which is the use of our sexual faculties according to our state in life. If single, by abstinence and, if married, only in united love that is open to the transmission of new life. Impurity is the opposite of this through the practices of pre-marital sex, artificial contraception, sterilization, masturbation and homosexual unions. The vice of impurity has led to abortion on a scale never before seen in the history of the world, by which more than 25% of American unborn children are killed. Our Lady of America tried to prevent this in 1956 but her requests were not heeded.

It’s not too late to heed Our Lady’s call today. She’s coming again to us through her Image to remind us of her requests and she seems to be giving us a second chance. She can still teach us, as she said, “to become pure like to [her] heart that [our] own hearts may be more pleasing to the Heart of [her] Son.”

We can do this, as she said,

By the renewal of the family and of religious life;

By parents exercising spiritual leadership with their children;

By priests and religious living their consecrated lives in prayer and penance for sin, leading us, the faithful, toward holiness by the example of their own lives and

Finally by our leading chaste lives and our contemplation of the divine-humanity of her Son and living our lives in intimate communion with God, who calls us to be “tabernacles in the flesh” for the Indwelling Holy Trinity.

To help us to do all of this, she gave us her medal and the ejaculation, “By thy holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, deliver us from evil” and God allowed St. Joseph to appear to Sister as an intercessor for the renewal of the family.