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Processions for Life, Peace, Justice and Mercy – An Introduction

Dan Lynch Apostolates coordinate “Visitations” of Missionary Images (full-size 6’ x 4’ or small size 3’ x 2’) of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jesus King of All Nations, Our Lady of America and the Divine Mercy.

Through the means of mail, email, computer and phone, we train and support Parish Teams, in coordination with their pastors, to receive these Images for church liturgies, veneration of the Image and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and Holy Hours from booklets that we provide appropriate to the particular Image involved. A Parish Team consists of “Guardians” of the Image, of Liturgies and Devotions (including processions), of Youth, of Finances, of Publicity and of Religious Goods.

Australian Cardinal George Pell said that the Catholic Church’s freedom in the Western world was under pressure from a new and dangerous trend of the use of anti-discrimination laws and human rights claims to attack the role of religion in public life and individuals’ right of conscience.

He said, “The secular and religious intolerance of our day needs to be confronted regularly and publicly…. This is one of the crucial tasks for Christians in the 21st century.”

So, we also recommend that the Image be brought throughout the community for public acts of mercy in visitations to prisons, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, convents etc.

We also recommend that the Image be involved as a public witness of the community’s faith with public processions with or without the Blessed Sacrament and other images.

A Visitation seldom consists of only a stand-alone procession. The procession is part of a Visitation to a community, which should include at least a Holy Hour with veneration of the image and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on a day or two before the procession. The procession should be preceded and/or followed up with merciful visits with the Image to prisons, hospitals, nursing homes schools, etc.

Catholic processions are sacred public processions by people of all faiths in public places in silence and in prayer led by a bishop, priest, deacon, religious or lay person, with some or all of the following: the Blessed Sacrament; sacred images; banners and statues.

The purpose of Catholic processions is to arouse the faithful’s devotion, to commemorate God’s benefits to man and to thank Him for them, to peacefully protest evil and to call upon God for further assistance. That is why they ought to be celebrated in a truly religious manner. Decorum and reverence must prevail. Processions should be orderly and dignified.

Processions give public witness of our faith that Jesus Christ, through the intercession and mediation of Our Lady, will bring the victory over our Culture of Death and bring us to a Culture of Life and a Civilization of Love, for which St. John Paul II often prayed.

There is a Visitation registration fee of $25 and an image-shipping fee of $190. We ask the Parish Teams to distribute and collect petition and donation envelopes, provided by us, for the support of our apostolate and our prayerful intercession for their intentions in our chapel three times daily.

We provide a Visitation Manual that contains suggested Visitation procedures, including the formation of the Parish Team and their responsibilities, a timeline checklist and publicity forms.

We also provide religious goods on consignment to explain the Images and promote the devotions. You may see them here.

Please click here to learn how to host a Visitation with the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe or our other images of Jesus King of All Nations, the Divine Mercy and Our Lady of America. Then contact us to host a Visitation and/or to arrange for processions and Holy Hours with these images.

Here is some more information to inspire you to host a Visitation:

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Please sign the Petition here to request the United States Bishops to honor the request of Our Lady of America to have her statue solemnly processed and displayed in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, as a safeguard for our country, as she promised

Click here to read or download The Missionary Image Visitation Manual.

The Visitation Manual contains a Timeline Checklist of Responsibilities found at the link above on pages 27 and 28.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

Thank you for your consideration.