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Please Help Us

Dear Friend of Jesus and Mary,

May the peace and grace of Jesus and Mary be with you now and forever!

Unexpectedly, the response to our annual appeals did not fund our budgets and the income from our recent appeals has not been enough to meet our expenses. We are now insolvent. As of today, we have $2,000.00 in our checking accounts. On July 15, we will have past due and current accounts payable and salaries for Jesus King of All Nations of $29,314.00 and $35,357.00 for the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

To meet the remaining needs of our 2013 budgets, we need $45,370.00 for Jesus King of All Nations and $217,470.00 for The Missionary Image. These are only for our ordinary and necessary expenses. We have no special projects. We have cut our expenses to the bone, including salary cuts of 20% for all employees. We have no investments, savings or other liquid assets and are solely dependent on Divine Providence through the generosity of you and our other supporters.

I am not a professional fundraiser, but a simple beggar. So I appeal to you for your help. You have generously helped us in the past and I hope that you can make a substantial sacrificial donation to continue our Missions.  We desperately need your help to continue to promote the devotion to Jesus King of All Nations so that His reign will be recognized on earth and to bring Our Lady of Guadalupe in her Missionary Image on her Journey throughout America in the New Evangelization as she visits parishes, abortion centers, schools, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, convents and public squares.

Recently, the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe visited Colorado and all of its bishops at different venues in the state. Our bishops need her consolation during their Fortnight for Freedom for religious liberty.

Just last week, our Guardian Team in Texas brought the Missionary Image to 4 abortion centers and prayed for hours in heat over 100 degrees. Hopefully, their prayers and sacrifices will result in the passage of the Texas bill prohibiting abortions after twenty weeks of gestation.

Just yesterday, our Guardian Team in Indiana brought the Missionary Image to the Court House in Fort Wayne for a prayer rally in support of true marriage. The beautiful Image was shown in a close up as part of the top story on the TV evening news. Please help us to help Our Lady continue on her Journey.

            Please pray, follow Our Lord’s leading of your heart and make a special sacrifice. I am thankful for any gift that you can make in any amount.          

          Please make your donation to Jesus King of All Nations or to the Missionary Image online here or call our office now at 888-834-6261 or mail your donation today at the address below and pray fervently for our survival.

 Thank you and May Jesus King of All Nations reign in your heart and Our Lady of Guadalupe keep you under the mantle of her love and protection!

Sincerely in Christ,

Dan Lynch

144 Sheldon Road

St. Albans, VT  05478