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Peaceful Prayer Presence at Planned Parenthood

Peaceful Prayer Presence at Planned Parenthood 
                                                                                   Dan Lynch 

On Monday, the 45th anniversary of the Roe vs Wade decision that legalized abortion in America, I joined Bishop Frank Dewane of the diocese of Venice, Florida, and hundreds of others, for a Peaceful Prayer Presence, praying the Rosary at Planned Parenthood.

Our Lady of Guadalupe was well-represented by a mother and her two children as witnesses to life.

This Planned Parenthood facility in Sarasota, Florida, is the largest in the state and kills 1000 unborn children each year. Located in the shadows of its turquoise wall sits one of the Community Pregnancy Clinics offering care, compassion and pro-life choices. It’s like David in the shadow of Goliath.

Dr. Karen Liebert, the pro-life doctor, is on call 24/7 and her staff gave her a slingshot to honor her as their David. They wrote, “Even though David was small, he didn’t even think twice about fighting the giant, because he knew God was HUGE!!!”

Just recently Dr. Liebert did an RU 486 abortion pill reversal. The mother had taken the first pill and Dr. Liebert counseled and cared for her new choice for life by saving her from the second pill. She is caring for her through her pregnancy. 
The pregnancy care center‘s prayer room overlooks the Planned Parenthood parking lot. From the prayer room they see the sad and crying mothers being dropped off by their boyfriends, and the even sadder post-abortive mothers coming out.

They pray for the mothers to change their choice for abortion, they pray for the post-abortive mothers to be healed and they pray for the conversions of the abortionists and their supporters and for the facility to close forever. 

May that day come soon!

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