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Pastor’s Awesome Events with the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Pastor’s Awesome Events with the
Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Fr. Joseph LoJacono, IVE, pastor of St. Veronica’s Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is now hosting a Visitation of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Recently he sent me a letter telling me of the awesome events that he has scheduled. He wrote,

I wanted to give some words of what I will be doing with the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe during her Visitation to St. Veronica’s from June 21 to July 3.
The idea is simple—to put the Blessed Virgin Mary everywhere. This is inspired by Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme from the Diocese of Maiduguri in northern Nigeria.  He saw his people being overrun by Boko Harem, the radical Islamic terrorists. When he prayed the Rosary before Christ in the Eucharist, the Lord told him that the Rosary will overcome them.
My parish’s boundaries are located in what the police call “the badlands”, one of the worst area for drugs and violence in North Philadelphia in the second poorest zip code in the country.  I hope to put the Blessed Virgin Mary everywhere through continuous Rosary Marches, some processions, and enthroning statues of Mary in homes and in local stores. I am looking for Gideon’s army.
I would be happy if any one, a group of 3 or more, wants to join us for the Rosary March for some hours. They can sign up for individual hours at the link through our parish website at www.saintveronicaparish.com  or directly at Marian Mission St. Veronica’s
Here are the three big highlights of the Visitation:
First, I will use her during a Marian Mission in the area of my parish praying over my parish boundaries for 7 days of Rosary Marches for 10 hours, enthronements of Mary and visits to places where drugs, violence and occult are present. 
Second, we will have a Procession between the two churches of my parish of St. Hugh of Cluny and St. Veronica’s, both part of St. Veronica’s parish, less than a mile apart on Sunday, June 24.
Third, we will have Holy Hours for Life with the Sisters for Life at St. Malachy’s in Philadelphia on Thursday, June 28 and at my parish on Friday, June 29. I am trying to arrange to take her to a local abortion clinic, which will have to be by train or car on Saturday June 30.
I also started a long distance Marian Prayer Support Team that people can sign to support us at Marian Warriors signup.
Thanks for your work.

Please support Father Joseph’s awesome efforts and sign up for the Rosary Marches and/or the Prayer Support Team at the links above.