Padre Pio’s Secret Weapon against Clerical Homosexual Corruption

“Only holiness is subversive with respect to this infernal order in which we are immersed.”
~ Italian Catholic scholar and writer Alessandro Gnocchi


In the midst of the clerical homosexual sexual abuse and sexual enabling corruption crisis, we should use Padre Pio’s secret weapon against it.

Padre Pio (1887–1968) was an Italian priest and the first stigmatist priest in the world. Unfortunately, he suffered under obedience to a homosexual bishop and under clerical homosexual corruption in his diocese that went as high up as the Vatican. His secret weapon against this was personal holiness.

Recently, Italian Catholic scholar and writer Alessandro Gnocchi was interviewed by Italian Catholic author Aldo Maria Valli. Mr. Valli was one of the journalists to whom Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano confided before he published to the world his testimonial to the truth of ex-Cardinal Theodore ‘s McCarrick’s involvement in clerical homosexual corruption. Below are some excerpts from Mr. Gnocchi’s interview with my editorial additions in brackets. You may read the full interview here.

[During the time of Padre Pio’s early priesthood] Moral corruption, with the spread of homosexual practice and the domination of the homosexual lobby, reached even to the papal throne. I can assure you that the pontificate of Benedict XV is simply appalling from this point of view. But under Pius XI the situation did not change.

[We can say about today’s clerical homosexual corruption crisis that] Evidently the infection came from very far away and, as you could also perceive as you studied the revelations of Viganò, [Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano] it spread very far. And it will spread very far. It is a matter of the corruption of ecclesial life, with the struggle for offices, careers, favors, compromises and, naturally, money.

In the end we perceive the corruption of the men who practiced this abomination using the name of Christ as a shield.

When we do not have holiness as our first goal, we end up corrupting everything that comes after, and I mean everything.

Corruption naturally hates purity: if it cannot be used for its own purposes, it eliminates it.

I fear the institution will have, once again, the best in this contest over the truth of the facts and on the Truth of the faith.

It is enough for Bergoglio [Pope Francis] to issue an invitation to pray the Rosary and pray to St. Michael the Archangel and he puts everyone in the bag.

This means that the so-called “People of God” has become a people of sheep like all others, ideal for an iniquitous and self-referential power.

 Look, in this Church, now, there is nothing left to split, there is only to rebuild. We need to build it brick by brick, and the bricks are our individual souls.

If I belong to the Church — and here we should have the courage to ask ourselves where the Church really is — my personal sanctity is the only relief I can bring to His wounded body.

Assuming there ever was such a time, the time is over to seek or create small reserves, even with the good intention of preserving the faith.

These environments always end up being places where the need to “do” prevails, because they must demonstrate to the world their existence: but the world, to grant its consideration, asks that only things that it is able to understand be done.

Moreover, inexorably, these places become small places of a small power that always end up “doing” things that are understandable to the great power in a relationship of limited conflict. You can obtain some success and visibility, but nothing more.

Only holiness is subversive with respect to this infernal order in which we are immersed.

At the end of all, if I have a teaching that I think I can pass on to those I love, starting with my children, this is what I learned from Padre Pio: be good Christians.

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You may read the full interview here.

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