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In Genesis chapters 8 and 9 we learn that after the chastisement of the Great Flood, an era of peace was brought. This era of peace was announced by the appearance of the dove with the olive branch in its mouth and the rainbow of hope which was God’s sign of His promise not to destroy the earth by flood again.

Our logo symbolizes that after the chastisements prophesied for our times, we will have a New Era of Peace prophesied by the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. John Paul II and brought by their intercession, symbolized by the dove with the olive branch of peace and the rainbow of hope above it.

The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will bring the New Era of Peace and the recognition of the Reign of Jesus King of All Nations on Earth. That is why our website address is www.JKMI.com, an abbreviation for Jesus King, Mary Immaculate!

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