Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Memorial of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
July 16, 2016

Dear Friend of Jesus King of All Nations,
“Whoever dies clothed in this habit shall be saved.” That’s what Our Lady of Mount Carmel said to St. Simon Stock, Carmelite Superior General, in 1251. 

By saying, “this habit,” Our Lady meant the brown woolen scapular clothing of the Carmelite Order. Our Lady herself appeared to St. Simon Stock accompanied by a multitude of angels and held this scapular in her hand. Her promise has been extended to all those enrolled in the Brown Scapular. Obviously, simply wearing this Scapular does not save us, as if by magic. Jesus saves us through living our total consecration to Him. The Brown Scapular is a sign of our consecration. 

Almost six centuries after Our Lady appeared to St. Simon Stock, she appeared to Sister Lucia, Blessed Jacinta and Blessed Francisco on October 13, 1917, in the last vision at Fatima. Our Lady appeared as Our Lady of Mount Carmel with the Brown Scapular hanging from her right hand in the same way as it was held out for St. Simon Stock. 

Sister Lucia said, “The Rosary and the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel are inseparable and the wearing of the Brown Scapular is the sign of our consecration.” When we wear the Brown Scapular, we are giving a sign of our consecration to Jesus through Mary by which we dedicate ourselves entirely to Jesus under her protection and imitate her virtues. This was Saint John Paul II’s personal spirituality. The motto of his papacy was Totus Tuus – Totally Yours.

The Consecration to Jesus King of All Nations

Jesus King of All Nations revealed a special Consecration to Himself through Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace. He also revealed an image of Himself on the Cross as the Mediator of our salvation with Our Lady as Mediatrix of All Grace standing at the foot of the Cross. She is clothed with the Brown Scapular that encircles the world.  

Jesus King said, “My Most Holy Mother is preparing the great triumph. The triumph of her Immaculate Heart ushers in the Reign of My Love and Mercy.”   
Mary manifested her consecration to God by her total “Yes” to Him. She said, “I am the handmaid of the Lord. Let it be done to me according to your word.” (Lk. 1:38). We should imitate her, make our own Consecration to Jesus King of All Nations and wear the Brown Scapular.

Our Lady obtained from Jesus King the Consecration that He revealed. She said, “Know that I have obtained this prayer for my children from the Heart of my Divine Son.”  You may find and pray this consecration in my Enthronement Booklet and on our website here.

How You Can Help Spread the Devotion to Jesus King of All Nations

I received a copy of a letter from Johnette Benkovic, EWTN personality and Founder of Women of Grace. One of her supporters wrote it. She wrote:

Dear Mrs. Benkovic,

Praise be Jesus Christ!
I am writing to you today to implore your help in spreading the knowledge of the Devotion to Jesus King of All Nations.

Each day, my heart breaks a little more as I see our Nation sliding toward chaos and death.  It is time for each one of us to cling to Our Lord as never before so that we can stand and do and be what we are called to be in these decisive times.  How are we to withstand the onslaught of evil, which seems to be gaining strength each and every day?

Our Lord doesn’t leave us orphans; indeed, He makes the Way for us.  I believe, with my whole heart, that He has given to us in the Church the Devotion to Him as Jesus King of All Nations for this time, so that we may receive from Him, His abundant promises of ALL THE GRACES we need to stand now as each one of us decides who it is we will serve and under whose reign we will live.  

Please, will you help it be known through your Ministry that Jesus is extending to us His scepter of Mercy and that we may receive “Mercy, Peace, Justice, and All Good Things”, including the healings we need, protection from the coming Chastisement, and the grace of final perseverance?

Mr. Dan Lynch is the Guardian of the Holy Image of Jesus King of All Nation and chief promoter of the Devotion. You know that he is a good man and that his heart is true.

I pray God continues His blessings upon the Women of Grace Ministry.

You can also help support us with a gift! In the summer, many of our supporters take well-deserved vacations. As a result, our donations fall to their lowest level and we barely make it through the summer.

We rely solely on your help to spread this Devotion and to coordinate Visitations of the Image of Jesus King of All Nations.
Our benefactors receive the following spiritual benefits from our apostolate: Remembrance of your Intentions in our daily Chaplets and perpetual Novena to Jesus King of All Nations; in our weekly Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament and in our special monthly Masses.
Please help us. May God bless you for your generous support. I am very grateful!
Sincerely in Christ,
Dan Lynch
P.S.: Make your Consecration, wear your Brown Scapular and enthrone His Image.