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Our Lady of Guadalupe on Fire, Despite COVID-19!

Our Lady of Guadalupe on Fire, Despite COVID-19!
Dan Lynch
                                          May 6, 2020

Jane Schiano Wigutow of Huntington, New York, Guardian of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe reported, “Our Lady has been on fire. Great stuff happening even in lock-down!”
In the most dangerous COVID-19 state in our country, Jane and her Team have been traveling with the Missionary Image on a Journey through the New York metropolitan area and the diocese of Rockville Center since late February. Their Journey has included Visitations to many churches and to most of the offices of the Diocese of Rockville Center, where they told the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and her modern mission to bring conversions, a Culture of Life and a Civilization of Love, for which St. John Paul II prayed.

They also visited hospitals and a nursing home and brought the Image for many Home Visitations, without the Team members entering the home. Now with the churches in lock-down, they have been innovative and have followed Our Lady of Guadalupe’s request to St. Juan Diego, “Do the best that you can.”
Lori Rainville, our Apostolates’ Visitations Coordinator, emailed Jane,

Thanks, we are all fine here. Hope you, yours and the Team and their families are all well.
I’ve meant to email you for a couple of weeks now but just haven’t had the chance. My son and his 4 kids are staying with us. Kids are no longer attending school so we homeschool them here. I’m often reminded of why I never became a teacher!! LOL. I’m also working from home and find myself working evenings A LOT!
Sounds like you’re doing what you can with Our Lady. I’m happy to hear that two Planned Parenthoods have closed! Funny to think that abortion is an “essential” service. Things certainly are twisted.
Take care and hopefully, we’ll talk soon.
In Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart,

The following is Jane’s most recent report to Lori,

She [Our Lady of Guadalupe in her Missionary Image] had a sleepover with a family whose teen daughter was an atheist. First, the Mom had an outdoor Visitation for her neighborhood. She combined it with a food drive cuz neighbors wouldn’t come for religion, but would to donate food. Got a lot of people. An elderly couple were very blown away.

That night, she put the Image in her daughter’s room. Mom felt heartbeat. Said nothing, but daughter saw her touch Our Lady’s heart so she did too. Felt it!!! Amazed!! To say the least.

Then in the morning the daughter, hours before she’s normally up, started urgently calling her Mom. The Image was vibrating (like it did for us the weekend before Masses stopped). Please pray for the daughter, who is very much looking for direction now. We said go.to.confession!!!
[Jane had previously reported to us that the Missionary Image was at a church event and was seen by the people to be vibrating. Jane wrote, “People said it was especially around her waist or by the Baby Jesus, but seemed strong everywhere when I was holding her. It also happened in someone’s home as well, just over the Baby.]
Our Lady was on televised Spanish Mass with Bishop-Elect Luis Romero. He said that between tv and social media, they reached six to ten thousand people!! Marta posted the story to our Facebook page. [Click here to see more photos and videos of their Visitation.]

We have a non-stop schedule again with Our Lady. Going to church drive-up blessings, hospitals, nursing homes (all outdoors), Planned Parenthoods. Tons of home visits. Was on a Zoom Rosary with 150 people.
Really want to keep Our Lady longer!! She has so much to do here, and so many people ready to step up and do it! This Saturday she’s supposed to go on a flatbed truck for Rosary tour with megaphone.
It is such a consolation to have Our Lady here with us. She is pure and humble in the midst of the filth, evil and pride here. There’s so much demand for the Home Visits.

Everyone loves her and she is very active, and if things open up here we can also go back to big church events.

Perhaps Our Lady is Calling YOU  to Host a Visitation with
The Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Images visit churches and wherever else Our Lady’s motherly love is needed. The Images bring works of mercy to convents, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and abortion centers. Because of the presence of the Image, many abortions have been prevented and over twenty abortion centers have closed through Our Lady’s intercession.
St. John Paul II asked Our Lady of Guadalupe “to ‘visit’ as a ‘pilgrim of faith’ each and every diocese, parish and family in America.” In response to this, the Missionary Images have journeyed on Visitations throughout the world and to each state of the United States to over 1000 parishes. They have received the veneration of hundreds of thousands.

Our apostolate coordinates Visitations of the Images and trains Guardian Teams to prepare for the Visitations in cooperation with their local pastors. The Team plans and implements the Visitation.

The Visitations include Holy Hours of Prayer for Life, Peace and Protection from a booklet with the recitation of the Rosary and veneration of the Image. There is a talk explaining the Image and the messages of Our Lady. Religious goods are available for sale to promote the devotion.



You may also call our Center at 802 524-5350.
You may learn more about the Miraculous Image and the Missionary Image here.