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Our Lady of Guadalupe Has Her Eyes on the Family

Our Lady of Guadalupe Has Her Eyes on the Family

                                                                                                                       Dan Lynch
World Meeting of Families will take place in Philadelphia from Tuesday
through Friday, September 22-25, 2015. Our Lady of Guadalupe has always
had her eyes on the family. The family is under serious attack in our
modern world. True families begin with true marriages that consist of
one man and one woman living in an indissoluble lifelong monogamous bond
who are open to and welcome new life.
Our Lady of Guadalupe
left her miraculous image on St. Juan Diego’s tilma (cloak) on December
12, 1531. Modern scientific examinations of her eyes in the image reveal
images of a family that was present at the time that her image
miraculously appeared on St. Juan Diego’s tilma. The miraculous image
appeared as St. Juan unfurled his tilma in front of Bishop Zumarraga as
miraculous roses fell to the floor.
In 1979, Dr. Jose Aste
Tonsman, a Peruvian engineer, began digital studies of the eyes in the
image. He magnified the iris of Our Lady’s eyes 2,500 times and, through
mathematical and optical procedures, was able to identify the images of
at least thirteen people in the eyes.
Some of these images have been identified as St. Juan Diego, Bishop Zumarraga and his interpreter.

three people were all present when Our Lady’s portrait appeared on the
tilma. It was as if Our Lady herself was hiddenly present looking upon
the scene and leaving the sign of her presence in her eyes. Her eyes
have the reflection that would have been imprinted in the eyes of any
person in her position when St. Juan  unfurled his tilma.
Dr. Aste (Tonsman is his mother’s maiden name) contends that an Indian
family appears in the center of Our Lady’s pupils. This family consists
of a man and a woman with an infant strapped to her back, and two other
children, a girl and a boy.
Dr. Aste believes the Virgin’s eyes
have a “hidden” message for modern times. He said, “This could be the
case of the picture of the family in the center of the Virgin’s eyes, at
a time when the family is under serious attack in our modern world.”
September 16, Pope Francis said, “In the Creator’s plan, marriage and
the family have an essential role in shaping an ever more humane
political, economic and social life. This role is all the more critical
today, in a society increasingly subject to technology and to forms of
economic colonization which subordinate ethics to profits. … In a
special way, by the coming of Jesus His Son, God has maintained His
promise (cf. Gen 3:15) to bless and protect us in every generation. May
families everywhere come to know this blessing!”
Let us all pray
for this blessing and for the fruitfulness of the World Meeting of the
Families, that true marriage and family will be strengthened to confront
the attacks against them in our modern world and that Our Lady of
Guadalupe will always keep her eyes on our families.
Click here to see the family group in the eyes of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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