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Our Lady of America Purifies Phallus Exhibit

Our Lady of America Purifies Phallus Exhibit

Thousands Hear Her Requests and Promises
                                                                                                   Dan Lynch

Marjorie (Missy) Smith sent me a report of the Visitation of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of America to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Washington DC, the headquarters for the March for Life. She took the Image there last Friday to prepare for the March for Life exhibit. However, she was refused admittance to the Exhibit Hall because the hotel had been totally booked by thousands of men for the Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend which they described as “a three-day celebration of the tanned animal hide-based subculture.” Our Lady of America requested our purity and promised us her peace and protection. Missy wrote:

On Saturday friends went by the Hyatt early in the morning and there were open bars already up and serving. Many of these male contestants were still there on Monday afternoon when I was allowed entrance to the Exhibit Hall. As you could imagine they were all dressed in leather.  They left a 6 foot phallus. I came prepared with much holy water and blessed salt which I spread around generously.

Tuesday and Wednesday there were so many participants in The March for Life that they had to be held off from coming into the Exhibit Hall and allowed to come in groups that could be managed.

Our Lady of America got an enormous amount of attention.  We had a television going for the entire time which was from 8 in the morning to 8 at night.  We spoke to as many people we could until we were exhausted.  

The most interesting thing is how many people knew about her and were already praying to Our Lady of America, although they didn’t know the whole story behind her devotion and messages!

I am wiped out today from all the work but feel it fitting that Our Lady of America was brought into the Exhibit Hall to bless us with her presence after Satan had worked his demonic sexual deeds the days before.

It was made apparent more than ever, that this is spiritual warfare!  Our Lady of America is the “Answer” and is the only one through her Son Jesus Christ who can win the battle for the soul of man and the soul of our country.

Thousands heard Our Lady of America’s messages and promised to return to every corner of the United States to their homes and to their parishes with the story of her apparitions, her promises and her requests.

I feel certain that Our Lady is pleased at the effort and her enormous audience.  My prayer is that all of it will spread like wild fire.  All we can do is plant the seeds and pray, pray, pray.

May God bless you for all the work you do for Our Lady of America!

To learn more about Our Lady of America, you may read my book, Our Lady of America, Our Hope for the States. You may order it by clicking here. Our Lady of America requested our purity and promised us her peace and protection. You may also host a Visitation of her Image by clicking here.