Be Delivered From Evil

Our Lady of America and Same-Sex Women

“I will pray that Our Lady of America, our mother of purity, will cover you with her mantle of purity to bring you God’s grace to be free of same-sex attraction and to become the chaste young lady that he and I desire you to be.

The recent Women’s March on Washington showed signs and banners carried by young women in support of lesbianism.

As a father, it saddened me to see that these young women chose other women for sexual acts rather than a male husband with whom they could possibly bear and rear children.

Many parents suffer from their children’s choices to pursue same-sex relationships. Unfortunately, some of them practice a false love for them by tolerating their same-sex sexual acts and even defending them when challenged by the truth that these are evil acts. I have experienced this myself in speaking with some of these parents who simply accept their children’s actions rather than trying to help them to be transformed to practice God’s plan for their chastity.

They should practice true love for such children by desiring and hoping the best for them. They could lovingly inform them of the truth about human life, human sexuality and marriage and the family. They should receive the sacraments and practice prayer and fasting for their conversion. They should never enable them to continue in their objectively sinful lifestyle, such as by allowing them to sleep together on the parents’ property in a same-sex relationship.

Our Lady of America said, “I am the Immaculate One, Patroness of your land. Be my faithful children as I have been your faithful Mother.” She asked us to be pure, especially the young. We should pray for her intercession to protect and bring to conversion those who practice same-sex sexual acts.

If my daughter were one of them, I would write her a letter as follows:

Dear Daughter,

God created you female and now you call yourself a lesbian. There is no such being. God did not create you as a lesbian. He created human beings as male and female.

Our culture may tell you that your feelings and choices are what define your sexuality, but the truth of your sexuality is revealed to you by God through your body.

You may be attracted to same-sex relationships with other women, but that doesn’t mean that you are a different kind of person than a woman who is not, and it is not God’s plan. He can give you the grace to choose and live your femininity and withstand the temptation of same-sex attraction. God does not propose the impossible. He gives you the grace and makes possible what may seem impossible. He created us in love to know him and to love him and to serve them in this world, and to be eternally happy with him in heaven. He wants you to choose his plan.

God’s plan for human sexuality is that a man and woman will come together as one flesh in an indissoluble monogamous marriage – unbreakable and for life. His plan is that the sexual acts that he designed for our bodies are exclusively only for married men and women uniting them in love with an openness to new life and their family.

This is the foundation for human society. Therefore, any sexual acts committed outside God’s plan are perversions of it. These sexual acts include same-sex sexual acts, contraceptive acts, fornication and adultery.

We are all accountable to God upon our death for the good or evil we have done. Those who have done good are destined to eternal life and happiness with God in heaven. Those who have done evil are destined by their own free will to eternal damnation in hell.

However, God is love and he is merciful and he forgives those who are sorry for their sins and want to change their lives. He will do that for you! I urge you to examine your conscience and to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation so that you may live fully in the truth, love, peace and joy of the Catholic Church that Jesus Christ founded to help us to receive his forgiveness for our sins, to receive the grace to follow his plan and to receive eternal salvation in heaven.

If you deny nature by your same-sex sexual acts and deny God’s plan in favor of your own plan and your own desires and your own decisions about what is good or evil, you will also deny reason, truth and reality. This is not personal women’s liberation, but a denial of your own being as a young woman and your human dignity and entry into the slavery of sexual sin.

Perhaps you did not freely choose your lesbian lifestyle. Perhaps evil men used or abused you that led you to seek sexual acts with women. I don’t know. However, God knows and he looks to your heart and wants to save you and lead you in the right direction to receive his merciful love.

You probably have not read or heard anything about what I have written above in our selfish, secular, and sexual Culture of Death. And I am probably guilty for not properly forming you in the faith and morals of Catholicism – of what we must believe and what we must do or not do to receive eternal life and happiness in heaven.

I am writing this to you now to atone for my neglect in your formation in Catholicism. I am hopeful that this letter awakens in you your human dignity as a young woman destined by God’s love and mercy to realize his plan for you and to share happiness with him eternally in heaven.

Please consider this as a loving hope from your father who loves you and wants you to be happy and to live your life according to God’s plan that you now know. I will pray that you will receive the grace from him to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation and to convert and transform your beliefs and actions in accordance with his plan.

I will pray that Our Lady of America, our mother of purity, will cover you with her mantle of purity to bring you God’s grace to be free of same-sex attraction and to become the chaste young lady that he and I desire you to be.


Our Lady of America asked for America to lead the world in purity. If it failed in this mission, as it certainly has since 1956, she gave us a severe warning in April of 1957.

Our Lady said, “Unless my children reform their lives, they will suffer great persecution. If man himself will not take upon himself the penance necessary to atone for his sins and those of others, God in His justice will have to send upon him the punishment necessary to atone for his transgressions.”

She promised us her protection if we wore her medal and venerated an image of her in our home. If you ask me, it’s way past time to begin wearing her medal and to venerate her image in our homes and to receive her protection!

Learn more about her medal.

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