Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements


Jesus King of All Nations gave His revelations to His Secretary. Her spiritual director advised her to remain anonymous. Jesus revealed that He wants His reign to be recognized on earth. He also revealed His image and ejaculation to help us to recognize His reign, “O Jesus, King of All nations, may Your reign be recognized on earth!” These are engraved on a medal that Jesus revealed for us to keep in reverence.

Jesus said, “I want to reign in all hearts!!! (Journal 233). My throne on this earth remains in the hearts of all men. I most particularly reign in the Most Holy Eucharist, and in loving hearts that believe in Me, that speak with Me, and I tell you, My daughter, that I do speak in the hearts of all men.” (Journal 197).

His reign is recognized by our acceptance of His sovereignty and submission to His reign through faith and conversion. His reign is established in our hearts by our consecration and reparation to His Sacred Heart. Pope Pius XII said with reference to the devotion to His Sacred Heart, “It demands the full and absolute determination of surrendering and consecrating oneself to the love of the Divine Redeemer. The wounded heart of the Savior is the living sign and symbol of that love. It is likewise clear even to a greater degree, that this devotion especially declares that we must repay divine love with our own love.” (Encyclical Letter, Haurietis Aquas).

Jesus promised that He “shall unite all mankind, even unto the end of time, under My divine reign of Kingship. (Journal 53). The Merciful reign of My Kingship will be proclaimed everywhere among the nations through which shall come the end-time salvation of mankind by Unity in My Holy Catholic Church.” (Journal 155).

In this manner, Jesus, our Victim High Priest, True Prophet and Sovereign King, expressed His desire to be recognized as the King of All Nations, to reign in all hearts and to bring unity.