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Name Your Children!

Name your aborted and miscarried children!

My wife Sue and I are the parents of 12 children, three of whom were miscarried and are in heaven. We named them Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

St. John Paul II wrote that aborted children are “now living in the Lord.” (Gospel of Life No. 99). This also includes preborn deceased children who are miscarried.

I recently saw the movie, Heaven Is For Real. It tells the true story of three-year-old Colton Burpo who went to heaven during a Near Death Experience while undergoing emergency surgery.

While he was there, he met his unnamed sister whom his mother had miscarried. Colton described the little girl as looking just like her mother and he said that she hugged him very warmly.

After he recovered from his surgery, Colton told his mother that he had another sister that he met in heaven. He said, “She died in your tummy.”

His mother started crying and asked Colton, “What was her name?”

He sadly replied, “She didn’t have a name. You guys didn’t name her!”

What this little three-year-old boy told his mother is convincing evidence of the reality of his experience in heaven and the need for everyone to name all of their children, including their aborted and miscarried children.

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Syndrome, including naming your child whom St. John Paul II said is “now
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Dan Lynch