My Thoughts on Donald Trump

A friend of mine asked me what I thought of Donald Trump. Here is my answer:

Dear Jim,

You asked me for my thoughts about Donald Trump. The easiest way that I can explain him is by calling him names, like he does to everyone else, except that his names, such as “fat”, “slob”, “bimbo”, etc., are meaningless and mine might have a little bit more precision to them.

Donald Trump is a proud, arrogant, bombastic, egomaniac. He is a populist demagogue who appeals to the middle class with his simplistic solutions to about only five issues. The last interview that I saw of him, he said that he was pro-life three times in about a minute.

So, I did some research and checked out his past pronouncements on the life issue. He said that he hates abortion, but that he is pro-choice, even for partial-birth abortion, like all of the other ones who are against abortion, but supposedly can’t impose their views on anyone else. However, Donald is different because he says that he is both pro-life and pro-choice, violating the law of contradiction that says a thing cannot be and not be at the same time.

If he were to become our President, there would be a great danger that he could become a tyrant. He listens to no one and suffers no correction. I’ve watched very little of the debates, but I can’t forget how he once turned on another candidate who disagreed with him. Donald shouted more, more or less, “Who are you to tell me? I’m a billionaire founder of many companies.” Which only qualifies him to be the founder of more companies.

Lastly, I think that women intimidate him and that’s why he calls them such ugly names. I really believe that he’s afraid of Megyn Kelly who asked him a fair and balanced question that caused him to go into a tirade for about a month and eventually to take his airplane and fly away from the last debate, much like a little boy who takes his ball and goes home. I hope that the voters leave him there.

In my opinion, Marco Rubio, whom I’m not supporting yet as a political candidate, is a good man and a solid and true Catholic. He came the hard way from baptism through Mormonism and back again as a convicted revert to Catholicism. He stands up for faith, family and life against all comers, is young, intelligent, energetic, feisty and a good man.

I vote for character, not issues. Any man of good character can get good advice and experts on the issues to go forward for the common good.

Post Traumatic Abortion Survivor
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