Be Delivered From Evil

Mourn for Lost Police Officers

Dear Friend of Our Lady of America,
On this day when we mourn the loss and injuries of the innocent Dallas police officers, let us pray for the eternal rest of their souls and peace and consolation for their families and friends.
Let us also remember Our Lady of America’s words to “make known the longings of my Immaculate Heart, to establish the reign of my Divine Son in the hearts of men and thus save them from the scourge of Heaven, both now and hereafter.”
Our Lady of America asked for our purity and the imitation of her and Joseph, her chaste spouse, in their holy family life. She promised our peace and protection if we honored her requests, and chastisement if we did not. Former St. Louis Archbishop, now Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, wrote that the devotion is “canonically approved.”
The best ways to honor Our Lady of America’s requests are to wear her medal of protection, host Visitations of her Image and pray her prayers. Learn how to practice the devotion! This will help to bring her promised peace and protection, mitigate chastisements and save us from her prophesied “scourge of Heaven.”
The next best thing you can do is help support our Apostolates as we seek to spread this most important devotion to many more people.

Many of our supporters take well-deserved summer vacations, which causes our support to reach its lowest levels of the year.

So, we would really appreciate your help to keep our Missionary Images of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jesus King of All Nations and Our Lady of America on their Visitations throughout America.

But, in order to continue this amazing work for the greater glory of God, we must raise $130,000 by the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, September 29. This is just for our normal quarterly operating expenses of maintaining our Apostolates’ Center and paying our modest salaries. There is no surplus in our budget, which does not include any special projects, needs, or savings.
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Sincerely in Christ,