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Mommy Let Me Live!

Mommy Let Me Live!
                                                               Dan Lynch

Fred Sokol of Rocky River, Ohio, is one of our Guardians of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. He is a stouthearted prayer warrior who courageously stands weekly for long hours at the Preterm abortion center as a witness for life and a counselor for life to mothers seeking abortions. Some of the other abortion centers where he exercised his peaceful prayer presence with the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe have since closed due to his and others peaceful prayer presence.

Fred was hoping to obtain a life-size replica image of Our Lady of Guadalupe from our apostolate, but he couldn’t afford it. So he prayed for a miracle and we met his need for his miracle.

This is his own story that he emailed to me. I hope that you give it a read and will be as inspired and hopeful as I was when I read it.

CLEVELAND, OHIO @ PRETERM: I needed a miracle at preterm.  I needed Our Lady of Guadalupe [Patroness of the unborn baby] life sized image [see above] to come to and to stop abortion there.   For when her image is displayed at an abortion mill, it closes. The Miracle took place.  She is now coming very soon to preterm to close it down. 

Consider the following time table to the Our Lady of Guadalupe miracle at preterm:

FRIDAY, JULY 8TH, 2016 @ preterm: A pro lifer at Preterm told me, she was just told by the Holy Spirit to donate to my (that I kept a secret) saving money towards a life sized image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and telling me the Holy Spirit is telling you [Fred Sokol] to place her image next to my MOMMY LET ME LIVE sign [see above].  That was confirmation I was planning for and doing the right thing at preterm.  [There is no way she would know about my secret plan to do exactly what she said the Holy Spirit told her to tell me as we prayed in front of preterm that day.] 

Legal Human Abortion 59 million Unborn Americans aborted since 1973. Enough!
FRIDAY, JULY 22ND, 2016 @ preterm: Two weeks later at preterm I called Dan Lynch the National Guardian of Our Lady of Guadalupe Miraculous life size Missionary Image office (they know me).  I left voice mail telling them I saved an amount of money yet less than half the money needed to pay the full price of her image and told them I was in front of preterm abortion mill that kills 5 thousand unborn babies per year. And once I get the Our Lady of Guadalupe Image I will bring her to preterm to close it down. 

December/1531 Juan Diego [once a pagan Aztec converted to Catholicism] receives the Life Sized ‘Heavenly Made’ Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on his Tilma still in perfect condition almost 500 years later at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, Mexico. Then in ten years nine million pagan Aztecs who once participated in Human Sacrifice [see below] converted to Catholicism.

FRIDAY, JULY 22ND, 2016 @ my home after preterm: That evening at home the same pro lifer called me who two weeks earlier told me of the Holy Spirit’s confirmation to me at preterm and who donated toward my purchase of Our Lady’s Image.  She spoke to me in a way ‘she felt’ I already had Mary’s Image as she asked, “Did you get Mary yet?” Sadly I said, “No, I am still saving towards the purchase of Her Image and it’s in God’s Hands when I will get Her Image to shut down preterm.”

TUESDAY, JULY 26TH, 2016 @ my home: I received an email from Dan Lynch, National Guardian of the Miraculous Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe whose office I told the Friday before I was saving money to purchase the Our Lady of Guadalupe life sized image to bring to and close preterm down. He wrote in part, “… we want to make a sacrificial offer to you to purchase a full-size image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and we will ship it to you at our cost.” He ended by writing, Thank You Dan, for generously helping me acquire Our Lady of Guadalupe life sized image.  I’ll be Our Lady of Guadalupe Missionary sharing Her Image and Story ‘free of charge’ to churches, religious groups [example: Knights of Columbus], religious processions, at preterm or abortion referral mills in the Cleveland Area.

Fellow pro lifers visit Dan Lynch Apostolates website to read more on what his apostolate offers and I urge you to support him if possible.


The above Our Lady of Guadalupe timetable to come to preterm is a miracle. Our 8 1/2 month pregnant Lady of Guadalupe Patroness of the Unborn Baby ‘the ultimate Heavenly pro life sidewalk counselor’ wants to be at preterm to speak directly (that was my orders by the Holy Spirit through Vicki to place her image next to my “MOMMY LET ME LIVE” sign in front of preterm see above) to the pregnant women that arrive at preterm to kill their babies “TO LET THEIR BABY LIVE”.  Then to close preterm down as she did at three other abortion mills in the Cleveland Area I am aware of. 

Finally and Personally, I feel Our Lady of Guadalupe image now coming to preterm is a ‘Heavenly Response’ to all people who sincerely worked and prayed for an end to abortion at preterm.   And that their untold hours of prayers to God, work and sacrifice are about to be rewarded and answered by preterm’s closing known only to God.  I Thank and God Bless you all for that.

  • As for me Our Lady of Guadalupe has changed my life forever.  Do not be afraid, she will change your life too.  Hymn to Our Lady of Guadalupe


 1. Wednesday, August 3RD – @ Preterm abortion mill – 12000 Shaker Boulevard – 2pm to 6pm [surgical abortion day at Preterm]  

2. Friday, August 5TH – @ Preterm abortion mill – 12000 Shaker Boulevard 2pm to 6pm [surgical abortion day at Preterm]  

 3. Saturday, August 6TH – @ Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church –  3644 Rocky River Drive – Cleveland, Ohio – 3:30pm to 4pm [Recitation of the Holy Rosary For Life – Before Saturday Vigil Sunday Mass at Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church]