Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements

Message from Jesus King of All Nations

Message from Jesus King of All Nations

On November 14, 2019, Jesus King of All Nations gave a message. As we approach the great feast of His birth on Christmas, let us respond to His urgent call to do as He asks,

Join together in ardent prayer that My devotion of Jesus King of All Nations may finally receive the approbation of My holy Church. 
Now is the time in history to acclaim once more My Divine and Sovereign Kingship. Already you have seen the signs of the movement of My Spirit stirring the hearts of My faithful to enthrone Me in their hearts, in their very lives. [Jesus is probably referring to Poland’s Act of Reception, see here.]

The coming year will be filled with even greater signs but also with the approach of My Justice. Mankind has never before been so far from his Creator. My Mercy cannot hold back My Justice much longer.
It is imperative that My devotion be spread far and wide and My image be enthroned everywhere. 
Continue in your efforts to accomplish My holy Will in this great work. I AM with you always.

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