Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements

Jesus Transfigured Himself Before the Apostles

On August 6, we celebrate the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord. Jesus took Peter, James and John and led them to the top of Mount Tabor. There he transfigured himself before their eyes. His face shined like the sun and his garments became as white as snow.


Moses and Elijah, representing the Law and the Prophets respectively, appeared and his Father proclaimed Jesus as his well-beloved son and asked them to listen to him.

Jesus glorified himself to his three apostles to help to strengthen their faith and to prepare them for his passion, crucifixion and death which was soon to occur.

The Consecration to Jesus King of All Nations

Jesus King of All Nations revealed a special Consecration to Himself through Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace. He also revealed an Image of Himself on the Cross as the Mediator of our salvation with Our Lady as Mediatrix of All Grace standing at the foot of the Cross. She is clothed with the Brown Scapular that encircles the world.

Jesus King said, “My Most Holy Mother is preparing the great triumph. The triumph of her Immaculate Heart ushers in the Reign of My Love and Mercy.”

Mary manifested her consecration to God by her total “Yes” to Him. She said, “I am the handmaid of the Lord. Let it be done to me according to your word.” (Luke 1:38). We should imitate her, make our own Consecration to Jesus King of All Nations and wear the Brown Scapular.

Our Lady obtained from Jesus King the Consecration that He revealed. She said, “Know that I have obtained this prayer for my children from the Heart of my Divine Son.”  You may find and pray this consecration in my Enthronement Booklet and on our website HERE.

Enthrone This My Image  Everywhere!

Jesus King of All Nations said,

Let it be known that as I AM the All-Merciful God, and that though My Perfect, Holy Justice must be fulfilled; that I do not wish My people to be inordinately weighed down with consternation and fear at the coming chastisement.

Therefore let it also be known that a great renewal of My Holy Church, of mankind and indeed of all creation will follow the cleansing action of My Justice. How greatly I Love My people! It is for your good O mankind that I allow My Justice to be poured out in order to awaken your conscience and correct your sinful behavior. Yet you see how dearly I Love you in that I continually warn you and even seek to comfort you in the pain of the cleansing which is almost upon you.

Return to Me My people. I Love you Infinitely and Eternally for such is My very Nature as God; the One True God, the Sovereign King of all that is.

Pray and trust in Me My Faithful ones. I will not abandon you in the dark and cloudy day which rapidly approaches. Stay close to My Immaculate Mother; cling to her Holy Rosary, invoke her Immaculate Heart.

Take up My Devotion of Jesus, King of All Nations for in its practice you shall find for yourselves a haven of Grace, Mercy and Protection. Enthrone this My image everywhere for I shall be powerfully present there and the Power of My Sovereign Kingship shall surely shield you from My Just Judgment.

Be strong and do not lose hope. I AM with you to save you. (Journal 407 – 419).


Jesus King of All Nations wants us to have hope, to protect us and to save us. He requested that we enthrone His Image everywhere. In light of the continuing world-wide terrorist attacks and the mass murders in the United States, we should respond to Jesus request and enthrone His Image for our personal protection. In order to help you to respond to His request, I prepared an Enthronement Ceremony with materials consisting of an Introductory Brochure, an image of your choice, a medal of your choice and an Enthronement Ceremony Booklet. Please see the ad at the end of this letter for these materials and enthrone your home or office. You may also see them on our website HERE.

Enthronement of the Image of Jesus King of All Nations is a solemn act by which the participants (family, office, parish, etc., as the case may be) enthrone, display, honor and venerate His Image. They give formal recognition of the kingship of Christ over their lives, and their families, home, offices, parishes, etc., as the case may be. The Enthronement Ceremony is the official, ceremonial beginning of their commitment to live out the effects of their recognition of Christ’s Kingship. He wants to reign in all hearts and He wants His reign to be recognized on Earth. Your enthronement will hasten His reign!

One of our supporters wrote to me, “I wanted you to know that I ordered the Enthronement Ceremony materials. I firmly believe that this Devotion is urgently needed for our times.” You too can show your belief in the Devotion by making Jesus’ requested enthronement and responding to His request to “take up My devotion of Jesus, King of All Nations for in its practice you shall find for yourselves a haven of Grace, Mercy and Protection.”

Another supporter wrote, “Thank you for getting this message out to people. I LIKED you on Facebook so I could share this with my family and friends. They are the burden on my heart and no matter what I say, I feel they just pat me on my head and say…Grandma take a pill and you will be better soon.  I don’t want them left behind.  I will go to your website and order the images for my home and some medals to pass around. May God bless you and keep you strong and healthy until the day I can shake your hand in heaven and say Thank You for being faithful.”

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Many of our supporters take well-deserved summer vacations, which causes our support to reach its lowest levels of the year.

So, we would really appreciate your help to keep our Missionary Images of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jesus King of All Nations and Our Lady of America on their Visitations throughout America.

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Help The Jesus King of All Nations Devotion to be Recognized

on Earth by Enthroning His Image!

Honor Jesus by enthroning His Image in your home, parish or school! Dan Lynch shares with you the Devotion to Jesus King of All Nations and then guides you step-by-step through the process of enthroning and consecrating your home, parish or school to Jesus King of All Nations. We have everything you will need to make your enthronement. Pass this tradition to the next generation to ensure continued devotion to and trust in Jesus well into the future. Please visit our website to order your Images and medals.