Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements

Jesus King of All Nations

Jesus appeared to a young American woman on December 17, 1988 as the King of All Nations. He said, “This image is to be a sign that I rule Heaven and earth, and My Kingdom, My Reign, is near at hand. . . . I give this image to mankind as a source of graces and of peace. My Most Holy Mother is preparing the great triumph. The triumph of her Immaculate Heart ushers in the Reign of My Love and Mercy. . . .  I have come to entrust to you a message of great importance for the world. I tell you, My very little one, the days are coming when mankind will cry out to Me for mercy. I tell you, My child, that in these times only one thing will be given as a remedy. I Myself AM that remedy!!! Let souls give devotion to Me, through My Most Holy Mother, as ‘Jesus, King of All Nations’. ” (Journal 7, 14, 159-160).


In this new devotion for our times, Jesus reveals His desires to reign in mercy in all hearts so that His reign will be recognized on earth and there will be unity in one flock and one shepherd. He wants the proclamation of the dogma of Mary as Mediatrix of All Grace.  He revealed images and a medal for us to keep in reverence in order to help us to recognize His reign. He also revealed prayers and promises. These revelations are collectively known as the Jesus King of All Nations Devotion.

The original revelations of the medal and devotion of Jesus King of All Nations were communicated by His Secretary to her spiritual director. Her diocesan Chancellor said that no imprimatur was necessary for these revelations and that they could be published.

The devotional elements were granted a Nihil Obstat that declared they are free from doctrinal and moral error. Bishop Enrique Hernandez Rivera D.D., Bishop of Caguas, Puerto Rico, granted the Nihil Obstat. The Bishop said he recognized “the need to foster more devotion to Our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, True King of All Nations.”

Jesus said, “This Devotion to Me as ‘Jesus King of All Nations’ is to be a companion devotion to that of My Mercy as given to My beloved daughter, Faustina, and to that of My Sacred Heart as given to My beloved daughter, Margaret Mary.” (Journal 165). In the Image of Jesus King of All Nations we see Him extremely vulnerable, with His arms spread wide and His wounded Sacred Heart exposed pouring His merciful blood and water onto our heart-sick world.

“Jesus King of All Nations” is a title derived from Sacred Scripture. Jesus is referred to as the “ruler of the kings of the earth” (Rev.1:5), “the King of kings and Lord of lords” (Rev. 19:16) to whom “all nations shall come and worship in (His) presence” (Rev. 15:4) and who shall judge all nations which will be assembled before Him where “He will sit upon His royal throne.” (Mt. 25:31). His kingship is taught in the Encyclical Letter Quas Primas by Pope Pius XI.

Devotion to Christ the King conforms to Scripture and the Teaching Authority of the Church. It did not begin with private revelations. The faithful have always recognized and honored Christ as their King. So these revelations add nothing new to Catholic doctrine. The significance of these revelations is that Jesus Christ, King of All Nations, willed in an extraordinary way to call the minds of humanity now to His scriptural title (Ps. 47:8-9) and to His reign without end. (Lk. 1:33). Jesus Christ is our Victim – High Priest, True Prophet and Sovereign King of all. (See Vatican II, Dogmatic Constitution on the Church 13).

Jesus told His Secretary, “My child, I would have My faithful ones know that the end goal of this devotion and indeed of all devotions, is that of true love and worship of Me, their God and the sanctification and resulting salvation of their souls.” (Journal Preface).

All of Jesus’ revelations are contained in the Journal. The revelations are set in chronological order and each paragraph is numbered for ease of reference.

The late Father Albert J. Hebert said, “These revelations are very important. America is honored by their being given here because they not only apply to us, our nations, but to all the world. They are aimed at the universal restoration of Christ as King of All Nations and, more approximately, to prepare the way for His welcome at His Coming. I urge all to secure the publications of the Jesus King of All Nations Devotion and to respond to and spread the messages.”

“One must read the full account of The Journal to have a comprehensive view of them and insight concerning the rich spiritual treasures therein; and the vital apostolate outlined there for our times, NOW TIMES! And get the medal!”

The King and His Kingdom

In His mercy, Jesus gives us an opportunity to recognize His reign now before He reclaims it in His Justice. We should accept this opportunity and “approach the throne of grace and receive mercy…” (Heb. 4:16).

Jesus told his Secretary, “I AM King of Heaven and earth! Hear Me, O peoples of the earth! My Reign is near at hand. Turn from your perverse and evil ways! I tell you, unless you turn back to Me and repent, My judgment will come upon the earth. Children of men, your God loves you! Why must you be so hard of heart, so as not to reflect upon yourselves and hear the anguished cry of your God? My children, your God appeals to you. Now is the time of Great Mercy!!! Take heed and benefit from it. If you do not, a most grievous chastisement will suddenly fall upon you.” (Journal 21-23).

There is no hope of peace among nations so long as they and individuals deny and reject the Kingship of Christ. The presence, name and commandments of Jesus have been removed from schools and public places under the false doctrine of separation of church and state. Laws have been passed contrary to God’s commandments such as legalized abortion that are in opposition to His Kingdom. All laws must conform to the law of God. The peace of Christ that passes all understanding can be found only in the recognition of His laws, His divine rights and His reign on earth.

Jesus said, “Mankind must recognize my Divine Kingship, My Divine Rights over them!  It is only in Me, My child, that mankind will find peace.” (Journal 160).J

Father Peter Damian Fehlner, O.F.M. Conv., S.T.D., Theologian Spiritual Director wrote that he believed in “the authenticity of [the revelations of the Jesus King of All Nations Devotion] as revelations directly dictated by Jesus to his Secretary and in the truth of their content.”

He also wrote, “that the revelations were a remedy for the imminent chastisement under way.”

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