Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements

Jesus King of All Nations Makes Liars of the United States Supreme Court

The grace of Jesus King of All Nations can heal any sin, including same sex sexual activity.

The United States Supreme Court legalized so-called same-sex “marriage” and based their decision upon The Big Lie. The Court said, regarding same-sex people who wanted to be “married”, “Their immutable nature dictates that same-sex marriage is their only real path to this profound commitment.” This is not true. This is not their nature and it is not “immutable”, which means unchangeable.

The Big Lie is that these people are “born that way” and that “God made them that way”. Their nature is not immutable. Only true marriage is immutable and the Court cannot legitimately change true marriage.
Same-sex “marriage” is not, as the Court said, “their only real path.” These people can follow God’s path of repentance, conversion and chastity. The truth is that their same-sex sexual activity arises not from their nature, but from satanic deception and temptation.

God does not propose the impossible regarding human sexuality and gives us the grace to live it according to His design. Through His grace, the sins of persons who are sexually active with other persons of the same sex can be forgiven, they can be healed and they can be brought to natural sexuality.

The living witnesses who have been forgiven and healed by the grace of Jesus King of All Nations make liars out of the Court. Just one witness from an actively practicing homosexual who became chaste would put the lie to the Court’s decision that same sex relationships of sexually active same sex people is a fundamental constitutional right. Jesus King of All Nations forgave and healed two sexually active homosexuals and gave them the grace to be chaste in their relationship.

A homosexual man, in a sexually active relationship with another homosexual man, picked up the Jesus King of All Nations’ booklet in a bookstore in Australia. He was attracted to the promises of the Novena of Holy Communions. He began the Novena and right away began having doubts about his homosexual activity with his male friend, with whom he had lived for the past eight years. He went to Confession during the Novena.

Then he made the Novena for his friend and prayed that he too would doubt the morality of their homosexual activity. His partner surprised him by telling him that he wanted to stop their sexual activity and become a Catholic! They both became chaste Catholics.

Don’t believe the Big Lie that same-sex sexual activity is immutable. Only skin color and gender is immutable, although many even deny that and think that they can change their gender by mutilating their bodies and wearing opposite sex clothes. Their appearance can not change the reality of how God created them as male or female.

Always remember, the truth is that “God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them. God blessed them, saying: ‘be fertile and multiply.’… That is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one body.” (Genesis 1:27-28; 2:24). This is God’s design for marriage and family and the continuation of the human race.

Same-sex “marriage” cannot satisfy God’s design and the Court’s illegitimate and unlawful decision cannot change it.

So what are we to do? 

May we turn to Jesus King of All Nations and beg Him for the conversion of America and, in particular, for sexually active people in same-sex relationships. 

May we speak the truth in love about same-sex sexual activity and relationships and act without unjust discrimination to those in same-sex relationships and to their friends and families who support their immoral choices because of false love.

It is not true love to support anyone in immorality. We all want everyone to love, to be loved and to be in loving relationships, but it must be according to God’s design. Those in same-sex relationships may truly love others without engaging in sexual acts outside of God’s design. 

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