Jesus King of All Nations and His Basilica

Jesus appeared to a young American woman in the late 1980s as the King of All Nations. He said, “This image is a sign that I rule Heaven and earth, and My Kingdom, My reign, is near at hand . . . Give this image to mankind as a source of graces and of peace. . . . I have come to entrust to you a message of great importance for the world. I tell you the days are coming when all Mankind will cry out to me for mercy. I tell you, My child, only one thing will be given as a remedy. I Myself AM that remedy! Let souls give to devotion to Me through My Most Holy Mother, who mediates to Me on their behalf, as ‘Jesus King of All Nations’”.


In this new devotion for our times, Jesus reveals His desires to be recognized under His scriptural title as Jesus King of All Nations; to reign in all hearts and to bring unity through His love and mercy. He wants the proclamation of the dogma of Mary as the Mediatrix of All Grace. He wants to grant us graces of forgiveness, conversion, healing, protection and peace. In the 1920s He also revealed that He wants a Basilica built in His honor in Paris, France.

The devotional contents were granted a Nihil Obstat that declared they are free from doctrinal and moral error. Bishop Enrique Hernandez Rivera D.D., Bishop of Caguas, Puerto Rico, granted the Nihil Obstat. The Bishop said he recognizes “the need to foster more devotion to Our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, True King of All Nations.” Some of the revelations of the Devotion occurred in Puerto Rico.

Jesus said, “This Devotion to Me as ‘Jesus King of All Nations’ is to be a companion devotion to that of My Mercy as given to My beloved daughter, Faustina, and to that of My Sacred Heart as given to My beloved daughter, Margaret Mary.” In the Image of Jesus King of All Nations we see Him extremely vulnerable, with His arms spread wide and His wounded Sacred Heart exposed pouring His merciful blood and water onto our heart-sick world.

“Jesus King of All Nations” is a title derived from Sacred Scripture. Jesus is referred to as the “ruler of the kings of the earth” (Rev 1:5), “the King of kings and Lord of lords” (Rev 19:16) to whom “all nations shall come and worship in (His) presence” (Rev 15:4) and who shall judge all nations which will be assembled before Him where “He will sit upon His royal throne.” (Mt 25:31). His kingship is taught in the Encyclical Letter Quas Primas by Pope Pius XI.


Jesus King of All Nations gave His revelations to the young woman and to another woman both of whom confirmed one another. Their spiritual directors advised them to remain anonymous. Jesus revealed that He wants His reign to be recognized on earth. He also revealed His image and an ejaculation to help us to recognize His reign, “O Jesus, King of All nations, may Your reign be recognized on earth!” These are engraved on a medal that Jesus revealed for us to keep in reverence. He also revealed other prayers and promises. These revelations are collectively known as the Jesus King of All Nations Devotion.

Jesus said, “My child, I would have My faithful ones know that the end goal of this Devotion and indeed of all devotions, is that of true love and worship of me, their God and the sanctification and resulting salvation of their souls.”

He said, “I want to reign in all hearts!!! My throne on this earth remains in the hearts of all men. I most particularly reign in the Most Holy Eucharist, and in loving hearts that believe in Me, that speak with Me, and I tell you, My daughter, that I do speak in the hearts of all men.”

His reign is established in our hearts by our consecration and reparation to His Sacred Heart. Pope Pius XII said, “It demands the full and absolute determination of surrendering and consecrating oneself to the love of the Divine Redeemer. The wounded heart of the Savior is the living sign and symbol of that love. It is likewise clear even to a greater degree, that this devotion especially declares that we must repay divine love with our own love.” Encyclical Letter, Haurietis Aquas.

Jesus promised that He “shall unite all mankind, even unto the end of time, under My divine reign of Kingship. The Merciful reign of My Kingship will be proclaimed everywhere among the nations through which shall come the end-time salvation of mankind by Unity in My Holy Catholic Church.”

In this manner, Jesus, our Victim High Priest, True Prophet and Sovereign King, expressed His desire to be recognized as the King of All Nations, to reign in all hearts and to bring unity.

Signs and Wonders

Many signs, wonders, healings and conversions have been reported. In the early 1990’s, the young woman’s spiritual director received the stigmata, many healings occurred after he prayed for people, and images that he blessed wept tears. This led to a great spread of the Devotion as the faith, hope and love of the people increased.

The image itself often smelled of incense and many people were healed before it. On the 75th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions, two priests prophesied that a group of pilgrims there would see a dove as a sign that their pilgrimage to Russia would be safe. Soon after, a dove alighted on the Image.

A woman felt her doctor’s words fall heavily upon her, “I’ll have to operate. The tumor is malignant and must be removed.” Her pain was terrible – almost unbearable – and eventually she fell to her knees and prayed the prayed the Devotion’s Chaplet of Unity for relief. Ten seconds after she finished praying, the tumor passed from her body. She called her doctor and told him the good news. After a long silent pause of disbelief he said, “Well, come on in and we’ll check it out.” To his great surprise, his examination showed no signs whatever of the tumor! Jesus promised to those who embraced His Devotion that He would “readily hear their petitions and prayers and pour out upon them His grace.”

Another woman suffered from uncontrollable tremors and prayed a Novena of Chaplets of Unity for her healing. On the ninth day of the Novena, she received the gift of tears as she prayed. She got up to wipe her tears and discovered that she could walk without any tremors! Her doctor declared it a miracle.

A daughter made the Novena of Communions for her elderly sick mother. Jesus promises nine special angels for the beneficiary of this Novena. Her mother had a vision of these angels at the end of the Novena after she had surgery that revealed her terminal cancer. Similarly, a nurse daughter prayed the Chaplet of Unity for her mother who was in a hopeless coma. Jesus promises many spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological healings for those who pray this prayer. Her mother recovered from the coma. Another woman was healed from cancerous breast tumors after the prayers of the Devotion were prayed.

A son prayed the Novena in honor of Jesus as True King for his father after he had been diagnosed three times with cancer. The doctors said that it would take several weeks for the results of the fourth diagnosis. However, they unexpectedly called on the last day of the Novena and reported that there was no indication whatsoever of any cancer!

A homosexual man lay dying in a hospital from Aids. He was angry and swore that he would never be reconciled with Jesus or the Church. His mother prayed the prayers of the Devotion for his conversion. Soon he asked to see a priest who visited him, patiently listened to him and heard his confession. He got well enough to leave the hospital and to testify to others that he would die as a chaste man and as a member of the Church and soon thereafter he died in peace.

Another homosexual man picked up the Devotion’s booklet in a bookstore in Australia. He was attracted to the promises of the Novena of Communions. He began them and right away began having doubts about his homosexual activity with his male partner with whom he had lived for the past eight years. He went to Confession during the Novena. Then he made the Novena for his partner and prayed that he too would doubt their homosexual activity. His partner surprised him by telling him that he wanted to stop their sexual activity and become a Catholic! They both became chaste Catholics.

A son received the Novena of Communions for his dying mother. As he received his ninth communion, she died in peace!

The King and His Kingdom

In His mercy, Jesus gives us an opportunity to recognize His reign now before He reclaims it in His Justice. We should accept this opportunity and “approach the throne of grace and receive mercy…”. (Heb 4:16).

Jesus said, “I AM King of Heaven and earth! Hear Me, O peoples of the earth! My Reign is near at hand. Turn from your perverse and evil ways! I tell you, unless you turn back to Me and repent, My judgment will come upon the earth. Children of men, your God loves you! Why must you be so hard of heart, so as not to reflect upon yourselves and hear the anguished cry of your God? My children, your God appeals to you. Now is the time of Great Mercy!!! Take heed and benefit from it. Great is My Love for all of mankind. Mankind must heed the warnings I have given and, in particular, those given through My Most Holy Mother when in My great mercy I have sent her to her children on earth.”

There is no hope of peace among nations so long as they and individuals deny and reject the Kingship of Christ. The presence, name and commandments of Jesus have been removed from schools and pubic places under the false doctrine of separation of church and state. Laws have been passed contrary to God’s commandments such as legalized abortion that are in opposition to His Kingdom. All laws must conform to the law of God. The peace of Christ that passes all understanding can be found only in the recognition of His laws, His divine rights and His reign on earth.

Jesus said, “Mankind must recognize my Divine Kingship, My Divine Rights over them! It is only in me, my child, that mankind will find peace.”

Devotional Contents

The Devotion consists of images of Jesus King of All Nations and Jesus Our Eucharistic King with St. Michael; a medal of them; and prayers and promises. The prayers are the Chaplet of Unity, The Novena of Communions, The Novena in Honor of Jesus as True King, The Litany in Honor of Jesus King of All Nations, The Special Blessing and The Consecration to Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace.

Jesus said, “This image of Mine . . . is to be a vessel of My great mercy and also a reminder of mankind’s duties and obligations to Me, their Lord and Sovereign King.”

The promises to those who embrace this Devotion are the graces of final perseverance, unity, peace in hearts and homes, healings, a special grace emanating from the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, protection from harm and mitigation of the severity of chastisements. Jesus said, “Tremendous will be the miracles of grace that I will work through this image and Devotion of Mine.”

The practice of the devotion consists of the wearing of the medal that contains these images, recitation of the prayers and the reverent reception and adoration of the Eucharist.

The Journey of the Image

Jesus asked that he appear in His image and be brought to His people everywhere. Large 4′ X 6′ Images have journeyed throughout the world. They have been displayed before millions of people for veneration.

In October of 1992, the Image led large processions in Lourdes, France and Fatima, Portugal as part of the World Peace Flight pilgrimage of over one thousand pilgrims, six bishops and sixty priests.

In December of 1992, the image was displayed before 2 million Filipinos at a Mass in Lunetta Park in Manila.

In January 1994, the Image led an international penitential procession for peace from Medjugorje to Mostar in war-torn Bosnia-Hercogovina. Since then the Image has journeyed through Ireland, Europe, Canada, Israel, Egypt, Africa, Japan, Croatia, China and Mexico and India. The Image has led many other processions and has been venerated at many Churches and conferences as it journeys to Visitation sites throughout America.

The Mission of the Visitation Image

Jesus expressed His pleasure with His Image traveling shortly after the Visitation to the Philippines. On December 20, 1992, He took gems, representing His Merciful Graces, and tossed them out over the earth. He then spoke, “My well beloved daughter, I Am very pleased with My Image traveling. I promise, My child, that as long as this Image of Mine travels, so will I have Mercy on this world. Let souls of All Nations come before Me and My Image! Because My children in the Philippines received Me in My Image with such love and devotion, I will grant them continuity in the Faith in the hard and dark times of schism and apostasy to come. As long as they recognize My True and Sovereign Kingship, and My Holy Mother as Mediatrix, they will have the Light of the True Faith, and I promise them shepherds after My Own Heart. I will not abandon them as it will appear that I have abandoned those who have abandoned Me.” Thus says the Lord: ‘You have abandoned me, and therefore I have abandoned you.” (2 Chron 12:5). “But if we deny him he will deny us.” (2 Tim 2:12). “But whoever denies me before others, I will deny before my heavenly father.” (Mt 10:33).

Jesus made a plea to come before His image on January 8, 1993. “My daughter, write My Words for My children in the whole world. Come children! Come to My Mercy! Come children! Come before My Image of ‘Jesus King of All Nations’! “Gathering together with joy and happiness before God.” (Esther 10:10). Come and receive the Merciful Balm of My Love so that you may be healed of your spiritual ills, your mental ills, and your physical ills. Oh My children, I LOVE YOU!!! “You are my people.” (Is 51:16).

Visitations of the Images are coordinated by the national center in St. Albans, Vermont. The Images are sent to local Guardian Teams who have requested Visitations. They prepare the reception and all liturgical events with the local pastors. The Visitations often include churches, monasteries, convents, prisons, hospitals, abortion centers, nursing homes and schools.

Build a Basilica

Christ the King requested that a Basilica be built in Paris and dedicated in His honor. He revealed this in the 1920s to Sister Mary of Christ the King. She was a mystic from Brittany. She loved Jesus with such an intense love that her body suffered from it. The other nuns in her community witnessed “the burn of love” that remained on her habit over her heart! She also had the stigmata and a bleeding wound in the shape of a spear thrust close to her heart.

Jesus told Sister Mary that He wanted a Basilica to be built in Paris opposite the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. He wanted it dedicated to Christ the King, Prince of Peace and Lord of Nations in reparation for the offenses against Him. “Reparation” means “to repair”. A Church was built in His honor between 1935 and 1940 but it was destroyed in 1977. It is now an apartment complex named “The Pantheon “ which means “all gods”. Where the Church in honor of the King of All Nations was located is now a place named after all of the false gods!

But Jesus made a prophecy through Sister Mary of Christ the King. He said, “I will allow a time of trial, and for my work to be buried in the tomb as I was, but afterwards I will come back, for this place belongs to me till the end of the world. When peace is restored to the world the Basilica will be re-built and all the nations of the earth will come and prostrate themselves and receive graces in abundance.”

This prophecy reaffirmed an earlier prophecy given to Marie Julie Jahenny in 1880. She said that the sanctuary would be re-built and “shall be a center of graces, of prayers and of blessings in Paris, which will be renewed and rebuilt.”

The Director of the Devotion is Dan Lynch of St. Albans, Vermont. Mr. Lynch is the President of a nonprofit tax-exempt organization that spreads the Devotion and coordinates Visitations of the Images. Mr. Lynch is a retired judge and lawyer, author, video producer and public speaker. He has led retreats, days of recollection and pilgrimages throughout the world. He has spoken at over one hundred religious conferences and has been on radio and television many times including EWTN. He is the father of nine children and lives in Vermont.

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