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Inventory of Case with Display and Packing Instructions

Inventory of Case
  • Inventory of Case and Display, Packaging and Shipping Instructions
  • Missionary Image
  • Protective Blanket for Image
  • Display Sign
  • Two sets of side brackets to hold Image
  • Two sets of expandable poles to support Image with string, clip, nut and bolt
  • Two sets of Petition and Donation Signs for Basket Display
  • Plastic container with spare parts
Display and Packing Instructions for The Missionary Image
The Missionary Image is folded in half and packed in a case measuring 48” x 42” x 6-1/2” with a total weight of 98 lbs. When displayed it measures 4’ x 6’.
  1. Lay the case on its back side. The front side has Our Lady’s image on it. Open the case by lifting and turning the butterfly handles and unhook the hasp.
  2. Remove and set aside the other case contents. The case has extra parts in it if needed.
  3. Grasp the Missionary Image on both sides near the top and carefully lift her out of the case and set her aside standing with the hinge down. Remove the protective blanket and stand Image on bottom edges, hinge up.
  4. Close the case and set it aside.
  1. Grasp the pole, unclip the string and pull the top out and lock the pole at the chosen position by popping the pin into the hole until it locks. Set the pole aside.
  2. Open and extend the Image to her full size on the bottom edge. While another holds her in that position from the face side near the seam, hand tap the brackets evenly across the seam on the side of the frame. Repeat evenly on the other side. Then stand her on her bottom edge face-in against a wall or a person holding her upright.
  3. Pull out the hinged brackets at the top of the back of the Image. Place the pole top inside the brackets and put the bolt through the holes in the brackets and the pole. Place the wing nut on the bolt and tighten.
  4. Clip on end of the string to the bottom of the back of the Image. Pull the pole from the bottom until the string is taught. The Image is now in display position. Raise or lower as desired. The place of display should have a Petition and Donation Basket and the Display sign on the sides of the Image with Explanatory Brochures, Petition and Donation Envelopes and pens nearby on a side table or beneath the Image.
  1. From the display position stand the Image upright. Two people of similar height should stand on each side of the Image facing forward, bend down and place their hand nearest the Image under her bottom edge and their other hand on the side edge above the seam and slowly and carefully lift her together. See the photograph. A third person may process from behind to help hold the pole.
  2. Walk very slowly in procession and let the Image rest on inside shoulders tilting the Image slightly back at an angle. When the place of display is reached, turn and face the people, set the Image down on its bottom edge and pull out the pole until the string is taught. The Image is now in display position.
  1. Bring the case to the Image, lay the case on its back and open its face carefully. From the display position, place the Image upright. Remove the string and the pole and set them aside. Leave the bolt and wing nut in the pole. Fold back flat the hinged brackets on the top of the back of the Image.
  2. Remove a side bracket carefully by pulling it off by hand. Set it aside. Repeat on other side while someone holds the front side.
  3. Fold the Image back to back so she is on her bottom edge, hinge up. Place blanket over the Image, turn Image upside down, and close the blanket by the Velcro strips.
  4. Grasp the Image from the top sides and carefully place her in the case hinge up. Place display sign in it. Grasp the pole, pull open the pin and shorten the pole by pushing the top down (in). Clip the string to the pole pin. Place the pole in the case diagonally with the brackets. Be sure the blanket is tucked in from all edges.
  5. Check the Inventory of case list inside the case and confirm that all contents are packed.
  6. Close the top of the case, lift and tighten the hasps by turning butterfly handles clockwise and popping them in.
As the Missionary Image is transported during her Visitation, you may find it easier to leave her folded in a van covered by the protective blanket.