Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements

Image Visitations

Jesus asked that He appear in His Image and be brought to His people everywhere. A large 4′ x 6’ Visitation Image of Him has journeyed throughout the world. It has been displayed before millions of people for veneration.

In October of 1992, the Image led large processions in Lourdes, France and Fatima, Portugal as part of the World Peace Flight pilgrimage of over one thousand pilgrims, six bishops and sixty priests.

In December of 1992, the Image was displayed before 2 million Filipinos at a Mass in Lunetta Park in Manila. (See photo left).

In January 1994, the Image led an international penitential procession for peace from Medjugorje to Mostar in war-torn Bosnia-Hercogovina. The photo to the right shows Dan and a group of pilgrims praying for peace on Cross Mountain, Medjugorje.

Since then the Image has journeyed through Ireland, Europe, Canada, Israel, Egypt, Africa, Japan, Croatia, China, Mexico and India. The Image has led many other processions and has been venerated at many Churches and conferences as it journeys to Visitation sites throughout America. (See photos below).

Jesus King of All Nations Visits Abortion Center

Jesus expressed His pleasure with His Image traveling shortly after the Visitation to the Philippines. In a vision, He took gems, representing His Merciful Graces, and tossed them out over the earth. He then spoke, “My well beloved daughter, I Am very pleased with My Image traveling. I promise, My child, that as long as this Image of Mine travels, so will I have Mercy on this world. Let souls of All Nations come before Me and My Image! Because My children in the Philippines received Me in My Image with such love and devotion, I will grant them continuity in the Faith in the hard and dark times of schism and apostasy to come. As long as they recognize My True and Sovereign Kingship, and My Holy Mother as Mediatrix, they will have the Light of the True Faith, and I promise them shepherds after My Own Heart. I will not abandon them as it will appear that I have abandoned those who have abandoned Me.” (Journal 307).

Jesus made a plea to come before His Image and said, “My daughter, write My Words for My children in the whole world. Come children! Come to My Mercy! Come children! Come before My Image of ‘Jesus King of All Nations’! Come and receive the Merciful Balm of My Love so that you may be healed of your spiritual ills, your mental ills, and your physical ills. Oh My children, I LOVE YOU!!!” (Journal 308-309).