Pope Francis, “I Want the Church to Go Into the Streets”

Pope Francis told the youth at World Youth Day on July 26, “I want the Church to go out into the streets, I want us to defend ourselves against all worldliness, opposition to progress, from that which is comfortable, from that which is clericalism, from all that which means being closed up in ourselves. Parishes, schools, institutions are made in order to come out … if they do not do this, they become a non-governmental organisation, and the Church must not be an NGO.”

The apostolate of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe goes out into the streets and is not an NGO! The Missionary Image was commissioned by the Mexican bishops on April 8, 1991. They prayed through Archbishop (later Cardinal) Posadas, “We beg you that your trip through all the Americas be realized now beginning with the Marian Congress of the Rosary in the National Sanctuary of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC…. We know that you want to end abortion in the world…. Lady, help us support your mission with our prayers in order that your Missionary Image will be well-received in all the Americas.”

Pope Francis is calling us to not just sit in the churches, but to go out into the streets to the marginalized people. This is what Our Lady has been doing for the last 22 years in her Missionary Image when she visits those at abortion centers, those in prison, those sick in the hospitals, those elderly in the nursing homes and those who are poor. She appears in newspapers, on television and even in parades!

Over 22 abortion centers have closed after her visits. The lives of many babies are saved when their mothers decide to choose life after seeing the Image. Also, many mothers are saved from post-abortion traumatic stress syndrome.

Below is a report of a recent Visitation to San Antonio, Texas, which included many abortion centers in the blazing sun. If you would like to host a Visitation of the Missionary Image read more here.

Dear Dan,
 The Missionary Image Visitation to San Antonio was a great blessing as always.
  Our Guardians worked very hard to bring our Lady to many
places where she is badly needed like detention centers (men and women),
hospitals, retirement homes, and to the sick and dying.

We processed with her downtown wading through the tourist
crowds and at City Hall and Cathedral Plaza. However, I’m not sure we
should bring her to San Antonio again in the middle of summer. It was
extremely hot at some of our outdoor stops like the abortion center
sidewalks which we visited frequently during the Visitation. It was over
a hundred degrees but these were opportunities for mortification and


Thanks for your faithfulness in keeping this apostolate
at the forefront of the New Evangelization in America. Now more than
ever do we need her heavenly patronage and solace in these very dark
times we’re living in. I wonder if a century from now whether this era
will be called the new “dark ages”.


Many more innocent souls have been destroyed in the 20th-21st century than from the bubonic plague and wars in the middle ages.


We did not meet our financial goals for this Visitation but we believe Our Lady went to places where she wanted to go.


Thanks to your team for making this Visitation possible.


God bless,




Post Traumatic Abortion Survivor
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