Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements

“I Pray That All Those Who Love God Will Be Protected”

“I Pray That All Those Who Love God Will Be Protected”

If you are among the many who wonder, “What on earth is going on?” with respect to our mass killings, terrorism, natural disasters, moral corruption in politics and entertainment, terrorism, the threat of nuclear war and widespread evil, you are not alone.
I recently received a letter concerning the state of the world and the Church:

Dear Judge Dan Lynch,
I really believe in the valuable work of your apostolate. I would like this necessary work to continue so I am making a sacrificial donation once again and praying that other people are moved to do the same. The situation in the world and the Church is getting worse and worse and I wonder how much longer can this state of things continue? Not out of fear, but out of wonder, I ask is God going to do something. In the interval I hope as many people as possible will be converted to Jesus and Mary and that all those who love Jesus and Mary, the Holy Catholic Church and the angels and saints will be protected from the spiritual and physical calamities and punishments. God’s justice has to come when the time of mercy runs out. Keep on going in this work and please pray for these intentions.
I pray that all those who love God will be protected and that those who don’t will see the truth, come to the love and mercy of God and be converted.

My book, Chastisements, Preparation of Protection against Them, will help you to pray for God’s protection and for God’s mercy to those who do not love him.

My book explains the What and Why of Chastisements, Warnings of Chastisements, Prayers for Protection Against Them, How to Endure and Survive Them and Hope for the Future.
My book will give you hope and you will be able to answer these questions:

  • Does God punish us with chastisements?
  • Why does God allow the innocent to suffer from chastisements?
  • Has the Blessed Virgin Mary ever warned of chastisements?
  • What were St. John Paul II’s warnings to America?
  • Was Katrina a chastisement?
  • What are the warnings of chastisements from Jesus?
  • Can chastisements be averted or mitigated?
  • What is a formula for protection, endurance and survival of chastisements?
  • Is there any hope for the future?

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