Be Delivered From Evil

How to Practice the Our Lady of America Devotion

How to Practice the Devotion Through Its Image, Medal, Prayers, Promises and Visitations

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"This simple, yet detailed sketch of the historical background and of the context of these messages makes perfectly clear why Our Lady has chosen the States for a particular role in the salvation of souls, and what will be the consequences of not corresponding with her requests."
-Fr. Peter Fehlner, F.I.

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This is the complete Diary of St. Mildred Mary Neuzil containing all of her revelations from 1954-1984.


Our Lady of America Our Hope for the States, Dan's talk at the National Shrine.

Host the Visitation Image.


An Hour of Prayer for Purity, Peace and Protection.

DISPLAY the Image. Our Lady promised that her Image is to be a protection of the home.

WEAR the Medal. Our Lady promised this medal will be as a shield to protect against evil spirits and St. Michael himself will be at our side to allay our fears at the final hour.

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