How to Practice Devotion to St. John Paul II

Follow Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Example of Holiness by Honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary Through the Wearing of the Brown Scapular as a Sign of his Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary; Praying the Rosary; the Stations of the Cross, the Veneration of Relics; the Use of Sacramentals and His Devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

WEAR the Brown Scapular and Practice Total Consecration!
St.John Paul II wore the Brown Scapular. He wrote, “I have learned that the Carmelite order wishes to express its filial love to its Patroness invoked as the Flower of Carmel, Mother and Guide in the Path to Holiness.” This Marian devotion, expressed “in the humble sign of the Scapular, consists in the consecration to her Immaculate Heart,” he stressed.

The Pope said, “I feel drawn to this picture of
Our Lady of Guadalupe
because her face is full of
kindness and simplicity… it calls me.”

The book that St. Pope John Paul II requested!
“A collection of short biographies of the Saints and the Beatified of America, which can shed light on and stimulate the response to the universal call to holiness in America.”
(Blessed Pope John Paul II, The Church in America).

How to Be Holy
A retreat on St. Pope John Paul II’s Plan for the Third Millennium. It consists of four talks.