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Help Free Pregnant Christian Mother

Help Free Pregnant Christian Mother Sentenced
 by Islamic Court to Scourging and Martyrdom

                                                                                                         Dan Lynch

Islamic Court will allow a pregnant Christian mother to nurse her
newborn baby like St. Perpetua before executing its sentence to scourge
and hang her.

Yahya Ibrahim Ishag is a Sudanese wife and pregnant mother. She was
born to a Christian mother through a Muslim father who abandoned his

Her mother raised Meriam as a Christian. She married her
husband Daniel Wani in a Christian ceremony and is now eight months
pregnant with her second child.

Daniel is a United States citizen and the family owns a home in New Hampshire, not far from our center in Vermont.

Sudanese Islamic court irrationally declared that under Sharia Islamic
law Meriam is an “apostate” who is living in “adultery” with Daniel. It
sentenced her to scourging and death if she  did not “repent”.

She courageously told the court, “I’m a Christian, not an apostate.” She stood up for her faith and calmly said, “I was never a Muslim. I was raised a Christian from the start.”

court cruelly and unjustly sentenced her to a barbaric 100 lashes and
death by hanging. The court also ruled that before they kill her, she
may give birth and nurse her new child. Then they will kill her.

is confined to a wheelchair and recently flew to Sudan and visited
Meriam in her jail cell where he found her with their 20-month-old son

Meriam was in chains and shackled to the wall.

has been shackled at the legs since the sentence was handed down and
her feet are swollen, her husband said. These are great evils and
dishonor humanity, justice, marriage, motherhood and the family!

“We are praying for a miracle,” said Meriam’s brother-in-law Gabriel Wani.

can’t do much in the natural world for these innocent victims except to
protest and write letters. But in the supernatural world we can pray
with the Wani family for a miracle and send help directly to Meriam.
Just as Daniel flew to her in the natural world, we can send angels to
fly to Meriam in the supernatural world.

Jesus King of All
Nations promised that if we receive nine holy communions in honor of Him
as True King, He would send an angel from each of the nine choirs of
angels to the person for whom we prayed.

Please click here to learn about the novena of communions. Jesus said that it is a great act of charity to do this for another person.

That is why I am going to receive a novena of communions for Meriam. I ask you to join me in this novena of communions and/or to pray the Novena in Honor of Jesus as True King.

Please click here for the novena prayers.

that Jesus did not apply the harsh Mosaic law of stoning and killing to
the woman caught in adultery. Let us pray that the Islamic court
reverses its sentence and recognizes that Meriam is neither an apostate
nor an adulterer. May it recognize her fundamental human right to choose
her own husband, her own religion, freely exercise it and live in a
Christian marriage and family with Daniel and her children.
Let us also pray for the intercession of the martyr saints Perpetua and Felicity who were killed by the Romans in Carthage in the third century. 
was the mother of an infant whom she was nursing in the jail. Felicity
was her slave who was pregnant and was martyred with her.

is like them both since she is the mother of a young child who is in
jail with her, she is pregnant and will nurse her newborn child after
which she will be scourged and hung to death unless the miracle that we
all pray for will save her. The United States government has done
absolutely nothing to help her or her family.