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Happy Memories of a Husband and Wife Guardian Team

Happy Memories of a Husband and Wife Guardian Team
                                                                                                          Dan Lynch

Guardians of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe host Visitations and bring the Image wherever a mother is needed. The Visitations are planned in coordination with the pastors and include visits to churches for holy hours, veneration of the Image and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament; and visits to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and prisons.

I have happy memories of Dr. Sid Brokken and his wife Pat, a husband and wife Guardian team. They hosted me in New Jersey to lead a Day of Prayer with the Missionary Image for Life, Peace and Protection. They also hosted the Image on many other occasions over seventeen long years for Visitations that included abortion centers. See the photo of Sid with the Missionary Image at Planned Parenthood in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

Sid was active in the pro-life movement  for many years with the “March for Life” and he prayed the Rosary in front of Planned Parenthood on Saturday mornings.
Sadly, Sid died at his home in Colts Neck, New Jersey, on October 9, 2017. Pat sent me a New Year’s card with a very generous donation in memory of Sid. She wrote, “Our Lady of Guadalupe blessed Sid and I so much over the years and answered our prayers.”  Our Lady of Guadalupe remembered Sid and providentially was able to attend his wake and his funeral through her Missionary Image.
Recently Pat wrote to me,

Seventeen years ago, in 2001, Sid and I hosted our first Visitation of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. That was the start of our seventeen year journey visiting churches, homes, schools, prisons and nursing homes. Everywhere that we went, people loved her. Many venerated the Image, touched it and felt a heartbeat. Others felt what was like the movement of the pre-born Christ child in her womb.            
Many miracles happened. Many people saw tears of oil flow from the Image or felt its stickiness when it was displayed at Planned Parenthood. There were healings, babies saved and conversions.
On one occasion, we could not ship the Image out by airplane because of Hurricane Sandy. Providentially, it stayed with us and Our Lady of Guadalupe protected us and our home during the hurricane. Not one branch fell into our yard! She is our Mother.
Sid always did a lot of lifting and moving of the Image, driving it here and there and praying with Our Lady. As he got older and had medical issues, things changed, but he always loved having her come.
Our Lady healed Sid many times from various problems, but the time had finally come for her to say goodbye to her faithful son. She came for a Visitation during the month of October in 2017, arriving for our 58th wedding anniversary. Sadly, Sid died on October 9th. The Image was displayed next to him at his wake and at his funeral, a beautiful answer to our prayers.
Sid will remain lovingly in our hearts, always and forever. As Our Lady of Guadalupe said to St. Juan Diego, “Am I not here who am your Mother, what else do you need?”

Bye Sid, we love you. Pat and family.

Perhaps Our Lady of Guadalupe is calling you to host a Visitation with her Image and share her with your friends and family. To learn more about being a Guardian of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, call Johane at our office at 888-834-6261 or visit our website. It is easier than you think and the joy that you will experience will be immeasurable.