Be Converted and Protected From Chastisements

Devotional Elements

The Devotion has several elements:

The Images manifest Jesus as King of All Nations; St. Michael the Archangel and Jesus, Mediator, Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Grace.

The Medal manifests Jesus King of All Nations on the front side with the images of Jesus our Eucharistic King and St. Michael the Archangel, Protector of the Kingdom of Christ on Earth, on the reverse side.

Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament with emphasis on reverence for the Real Presence of Jesus Christ.

The Prayers of the Chaplet of Unity; the Novena of Chaplets; the Novena in Honor of Jesus as True King; the Novena of Holy Communions; the Litany in Honor of Jesus King of All Nations; the Consecration to Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace and the Special Blessing.

The Promises are the graces of conversion, healing, final perseverance, unity, peace in hearts and homes; a special grace emanating from the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts; the gifts of the Holy Spirit; protection from harm and natural disasters; and mitigation of chastisements and all forms of God’s justice.

The practice of the devotion consists of living the word of sacred Scripture; veneration of the Images; wearing the medal; recitation of the prayers; the reception of the sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist and the reverent reception and adoration of the Eucharist.